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Do this before you eat to fully Savor the meal...
Sushi at Dean & Deluca


In a study published by the Journal of the Association for Psychological Science, it is revealed that the rituals we perform before eating, including the seemingly tiny ones, can change our perception of the food we eat.


And a changed (positive) perception will help to make your meal more satisfying.


It's easy to see the benefit in that.  It's also no "secret" to great chefs who have always understood that we "eat" with our eyes and nose before we enjoy with our mouth.


And perhaps, these "rituals" add to the experience.


One thing the scientists found was that personal involvement in the ritual was essential.  Just being fed by a waiter wasn't the same.  


I've long said that saying "grace" before a meal had a powerful impact on the tone of the meal.  Just the act of pausing, becoming fully present and saying "thank you."  


This article goes further and helps reinforce the Fitness Design Philosophy which unlike the "old, outdated fitness," which wants you to fantasize that a powder or 'protein' bar is nutrition, we instead encourage you to understand that scientifically NOTHING will replace a healthy relationship with food, and the goal should be to make peace with your plate, and palate.


If you would like to read the original study, view it here.


And take time to savor the flavors before you take your next bite.


 � votre sant�,


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