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You are powerful Creators and right on schedule. Savor more; fix less. Laugh more; cry less. Anticipate positively more; anticipate negatively less. Nothing is more important than that you feel good. Just practice that and watch what happens. There is great love here for you. ~ Abraham


As I'm writing these words it is 4:30 am and I'm in a car with my friend Stephen, heading to the San Antonio airport to get on a plane to Teotihuacan, Mexico. It is a beautiful morning: deep black sky, bright full moon to the west, and many colorful stars and planets in the headlights, rearlights, and neon signs of the road.


I love the above words by Abraham-Hicks: Savor more, fix less. As so many of us are in the midst of big changes in our life, let's keep bringing our precious attention to the beauty around us, getting the support we need, and nourishing our deepest self. I've found that one of the best ways to do this is to bring kindness to the scared and upset parts of ourselves. Start by asking yourself kind questions: Instead of "How could I have done that?" or "Why can't I change this," or "What is wrong with me?" Try shifting your attitude to one of loving compassion and curiosity: "What can I do that will help me come to more clarity?" and "What support do I need to move through this transition?" and "What am I needing to nourish right now?"


Ah, doesn't that feel better? Try a no interrogating, mean judgmental question week and see what a difference it will make!


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who bought my book and joined the Toltec Path of Transformation Wisdom Series. On October 14th 

The Toltec Path of Transformation reached #38 OVERALL! on and #65 overall on; my favorite moment was when The Hunger Games was #45 and The Toltec Path of Transformation was #46 on Hee hee!


It is not too late to join the Toltec Path of Transformation Wisdom Series, which brings 20 inspirational Toltec teachers to your computer over 10 Weeks. The series is focused on helping you skillfully ride the waves of change; I continued to be in awe and gratitude for the quality and inspiration of the teachings.


You can join the series for f.r.e.e when you buy a copy of my book. Yay!


Register today at:


This month I'm in creation mode, and it feels great! Coming up are two fr.e.e events on Conscious Relationship, a three-part Conscious Relationship series that is both global and local, and many local Austin talks. I'm also beginning the planning of a 2013 U.S. Tour. Watch this newsletter for info on locations and dates; and let us know if you would like me to come to your area.


Also bubbling on the Toltec stove of creation for both Austin and web-based long-distance community: In 2013 I'll also be starting a new Thirteen Moons circle, my year-long rocking women's apprenticeship program. I'm also stirring a pot for a new Dreaming circle, and on slow simmer is a new apprenticeship circle I'm deeply excited about based on the book I'm currently working on. More details coming soon.


During this month may we focus on our gratitude for what we have, share our love with friends and family in abundance, and nourish ourselves through all our transitions and growth.






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Two fr.e.e classes on how to go improve ALL of your relationships, starting with the one with yourself. 

Give yourself a gift this holidays of gaining skills and support to open the door for healing and nourishing connection. CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIP
Introduction Webcast:

Wednesday, November 1, 7 pm central  

with Diana Adkins

Click here to register 


Bringing more consciousness to all of your relationships will create an abundance of ease, love, and sweetness in your life. Join Diana for an exploration into increasing joy and authenticity in relationship with yourself and others. THE TRUE HEART OF LOVE:

Conscious Relationship

with don Miguel Ruiz Jr. and HeatherAsh Amara:

Tuesday, November 13th, 8 pm central

Click here to register (scroll down!)


In this f.r.e.e live teleclass join HeatherAsh Amara, author of The Toltec Path of Transformation, and don Miguel Ruiz Jr., author of the upcoming The Five Levels of Attachment, for an exploration into the art of relationship and tapping your authentic heart. A perfect gift for yourself for the holiday season!


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...through October 31st...




with HeatherAsh Amara

Thursdays, November 8, 15, 29,
7 pm central


Austin and global via webcast


Web special! Only $10 for all three classes in the series if you register by Wednesday, October 31 at midnight


Click here to sign up


All classes will be recorded so you can listen to them anytime.


In this three-part webcast or teleclass series learn how to:


- Shift into love and clarity when you or others go into unconscious patterns and strategies  

- Release self-judgement, comparison, and blame and instead embrace humor and lightness  

- Stop the gremlins that bog down all relationships (especially your relationship with yourself)  

- Consistently make choices that nourish and support you

Improve all of your relationships and embody the true heart of unconditional conscious, healing love, inside and out.  

- Create experiments and action steps to make this holiday season a time of deep healing

Click here to register


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We were blessed in September with two new little ones joining our Toltec community: Amelia in California and Silas in Austin... congrats and love to both mamas,
Alice Lancefield and Kaia Petin. 
Kaia and Silas.jpg
Kaia and Silas



Alice and Amelia
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Ciny and James.jpgOur dear friends and community members are creating their family through open adoption. Open adoption is an amazing process where a pregnant woman making an adoption plan chooses the people to parent her child. Check out their online profile here. It is a beautiful, heartfelt presentation and has links to much more information about open adoption.  Help spread the word - you could bring them one step closer to the contact they need to realize their dream. You may not think you can be of any help, but a surprising number of adoptions take place through networking. You may not know of anyone experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, but it could be that a friend of a friend, or a friend of a friend of a friend does. Or, through your work you may come in contact with someone who is considering adoption. Simply email *all your contacts* and tell them there is this wonderful couple ready to adopt a baby.  Ask them to tell everyone they know. Pray that this information reaches the person who needs to hear it, and that a healthy vibrant baby comes to them, in right time, for the highest good of all involved.  

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I love love love this one. Wait for the fabulous insight....


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Robin McKinley 


Global BlueSword.jpgA great, quick read that explores identity, home, and courage. Harry Crewe is a sheltered, restless girl whose life is turned upside down like a roller coaster: first her parents die and she is moved to live with strangers in a border town; then she is, well I can't tell you that part because it will give it away. Suffice to say she goes from girl to heroine and bridges the gap in her heart and between two very different peoples. Did I mention the cool sword and the fabulous horses? Tuck into bed one rainy day and immerse yourself! ~ HA



Global Wild.jpg This heart opening story of a woman who found her courage, resiliency, and her self while hiking for months through the mountains of California and Oregon had me laughing and crying and in total awe. Cheryl's intimate writing of her plunge into depression and drugs after her mother's death, and her rash, sudden decision to leave everything in her world and hike the Pacific Crest Trail when she had never hiked in her life are pure inspiration for our capacity to follow those crazy nudging that completely change us for the better. A highly recommended modern walkabout story. ~ HA


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God disguised as myriad things, and playing a game of tag has 
kissed you and said, "You're it. I mean you're really it. Now it 
does not matter what you believe or feel. For something wonderful, something major-league wonderful, is someday going to happen." 
~ Hafiz