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Are the events in Egypt a fulfillment of Isaiah 19 and Ezekiel 29?........By August Rosado



I got an interesting e-mail from a man who follows our ministry. He told me he heard an excellent message on the current situation in Egypt, and how it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. He said the person preached

out of Isaiah 19 and Ezekiel 29, saying that the events in Egypt right now are the fulfillment of those prophecies. I know that many students and even experts in Bible prophecy can make a mountain out of an ant hill. We try to take a current event and make it fit into a passage of scripture. I'm not accusing all of doing it, but there's a good number of prophecy buffs who are guilty of doing exactly that. It sells alot of books and makes for a good prophecy headline news. The person asked me if I would look into these passages to see if it was indeed the case. The rule of thumb in interpreting the Bible, especially prophecy is this:


1. Who is speaking?

2. Who is he speaking to?

3. What is he speaking about?


This is a hermeneutical principle when one studies the Bible, take it for it's plain sense literal meaning. Even though Isaiah 19 shows some very interesting parallels to what we see going on in Egypt right now, we need to to look at the chapter in it's historical context, and also see if there's an eschatological application as well. Isaiah begins his prophecy in chapter 19 as The burden of Egypt. Burden in Hebrew is prophecy, so it's a prophecy concerning Egypt. The prophecy is both a message of judgment and blessing upon Egypt. The southern kingdom of Judah during the days of the divided Monarchy was dependent upon Egypt for military protection against Assyria.  The Jewish prophet Isaiah warned Judah against this alliance with Egypt, which will cause Judah to depend on the Egyptians, rather than on the God of Israel for protection. Isaiah 19:2 speaks of Egyptians against Egyptians. Many today are interpreting this passage as the current Egyptian uprising. However, this doesn't seem to be the case. Isaiah sees a coming Egyptian civil war between the rival Ethiopians and Libyan Dynasties, as a result from God's intervention. The 7th Century B.C. civil war in Egypt weakened Egyptians so that the Empire fell, along with the Ethiopians and the Libyans to Assyria in 671 B.C. The cruel lord and fierce king referred to the Assyrian overlords who dominated Egypt for almost 20 years. All this is covered in chapter 19:1-10. Versus 18 to 25 does however speak of a future blessing on Egypt, who will come under Messiah Jesus rule in the Millennial Kingdom. As a matter of fact the Bible says a highway will run from Egypt, through Israel, all the way to Assyria (Syria) that will indicate a time of blessings and peace, with the Prnce of Peace (Sar Shalom) Jesus he Messiah ruling. These hostile nations to Israel today will be at peace with Israel during the Millennial Kingdom. They, the Egyptians will become the people of the Lord. So there is a historical and a future interpretation to Isaiah 19. The events in Egypt are not a fulfillment of this chapter, however in the future, Egypt will come under the rule and leadership of Jesus. Ezekiel 29 also does not refer to current events in Egypt. It deals with Pharaoh Who came to Judah's aid when Nebechadnezzar invaded Jerusalem a few years earlier. The city finally fell in 586 B.C. to the Babylonians. The chapter deals with Egypt's fall to the Babylonians. Because of Pharoah's haughty spirit, God allowed the Babylonians to take her down. Am I saying there is no future prophecy concerning Egypt? Not at all, there is, Daniel 11:40 describes an attack on Israel during the tribulation period, the king of the south, (Egypt) along with the king of the north, (Syria). What I am saying is that Isaiah 19 and Ezekiel 29 are not the fulfillment of the current Egyptian crisis. However Isaiah 19 says that there will be a future for Egypt during the Millennial reign of Jesus. I do believe that world events are setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. We just need to take the Bible in it's historical, Grammatical, and literal context. I do believe the Rapture of the Church is about to take place. We should be praying everyday, Maranatha! Even so come Lord Jesus.






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 Shalom in Yeshua's Name and soon coming



Many of us who are students of prophecy have been watching the events unfolding in Egypt. I have been receiving e-mails asking me if these events in Egypt were foretold by the Jewish prophets. As a rule of thumb, for me anyway, is not to make an events try to fit Bible prophecy. I grieve when I see prophecy teachers do this, well known ones at that. I do believe the political is setting the stage for the prophetic to be fulfilled, but that also we shouldn't be pulling the "prophetic trigger" to sensationalize a story. I pray my article in the adjacent block will help you understand what I'm talking about.  I do believe events in Egypt and the Middle East are setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. Our February 23 trip to Israel will not happen because Christians scheduled to go with us backed out because of the Egyptian crisis. As much a I tried to tell them the situation has nothing to do with Israel, they back out anyway because they were duped into believing the lies of the western media. Because Egypt borders with Israel on the south, than that means it's not safe to go to Israel either. They just robbed themselves of a blessing and the adventure of a lifetime. I don't say this out being angry, but disappointed. If we continue to buy into the lie of the western media concerning travel to Israel, we will rob ourselves of a blessing, and never know the truth that Israel is the safest place anyone can travel to. It makes me wonder where's the faith were suppose to have. I know that's not popular preaching, but I'm just stating a fact. You just get so tired of all the Israel bashing in the media today, yet Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism and steam rolling towards nuclear weapons, and nothing is said about them. Israel is a democracy, with freedom of religion. Try going to Iran, or Saudi Arabia with a Bible, you wouldn't live to tell about it.  Yet Israel is "dangerous", Western Christians just don't know the facts because we buy into that liberal bit unfortunately. We do have a fall trip in October ready to go with the people already signed up. This trip will include Petra, which I've never been to before. My wife and I will probably go to Israel in April to do some video recording for our DVD teaching. We are excited about my new book, "The Serpent, the Seed, and the Second Coming, Satan's attempt to thwart the promises of God and Bible prophecy" is available for purchase which helps support this ministry.


The book deals with Satan's various attempts to contaminate the Messianic bloodine of the Messiah, and exterminate the Jews throughout the centuries, a final attempt to exterminate the Jews during the tribulation period. This battle between the Serpent and his seed, and the seed of the Woman, the Lord Jesus will be the greatest battle of all time a the Lord's Second Coming to earth. The book retails for $14.99 which includes (S/H) You can use the secre Paypal button to purchase the book.    
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August Rosado










Ahmadinejad calls for Mideast without Israel and US

TEHERAN - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Egypt's popular uprising shows a new Middle East is emerging, one that will have no signs of Israel and US "interference."

The Iranian president spoke as the country marked the 32nd anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. His remarks came hours after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak refused to step down, angering hundreds of thousands of Egyptians who have been demanding he relinquish his three-decade grip on power.

Ahmadinejad says Egyptians have the right to live in freedom and choose their own government.

Iran crushed opposition protests against Ahmadinejad's disputed 2009 re-election and on Thursday, Iranian opposition leader Mahdi Karroubi was placed under house arrest because of calls for a rally in support of Egyptian protesters.

n Thursday, Iranian opposition leader Mahdi Karroubi announced via his website,, that he has been placed under house arrest, because he called for a rally in support of anti-government demonstrations in Egypt. Karroubi petitioned the government for permission to hold a rally, but State Prosecutor Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejehi rejected the request, warning of repercussions should a demonstration take place.


  The situation in Egypt has changed from moment to moment as the world watches

 By Jimmy DeYoung


Jimmy DeYoung


With hundreds of thousands of Egyptians flooding into the streets of Cairo, Egypt, calling for President Mubarak to step down, the Egyptian President continues to refuse to step aside and allow for a new government to be put in place which would bring stability to the largest Arab country in the Middle East. Many Arab leaders in the Middle East are worrying that the Egyptian phenomenon could happen in their country and Israel's leaders watch with concern that the outcome could be a matter of life and death for the Jewish state.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

As world leaders have pressured Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down and allow for a new Egyptian government, the world has no idea what will happen in this Middle Eastern country. However, Bible prophecy does reveal the future for Egypt and its people.

So many political pundits and world leaders have almost from day to day voiced what Mubarak and Egypt should do or not do. One news gathering organization after the other has embellished the reports of this popular uprising in Egypt and played a unique role in fomenting this almost revolution in Cairo. Most political leaders agree that Mubarak's days as president are over and the Egyptian military can and must play the key role in Egypt's immediate future.

That being said, the true future has already been written as far back as 2500 years ago in the pages of Bible prophecy. When I say the future, I do not mean the next day, week, or even month - but the future as it relates to Bible prophecy. Isaiah 19 looks to a time when Egypt will be loved by the Lord Jesus Christ and the Egyptians will speak the Hebrew language as they join with the Jews to go up to Jerusalem to the temple to worship the God of Israel. However, before the fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy, Daniel 11 foretells of the Egyptian military forces coming to Israel and trying to eliminate the Jewish state. The King of the South in Daniel 11:40-43 would be the modern-day state of Egypt.

Whatever happens in the present crisis in Egypt, you can rest assured Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.







Muslim Antichrist?




The question as to whether or not the Antichrist will be a Jew or a Gentile has been hotly debated by Bible prophecy experts ever since the revival of the study of end time Bible prophecy some 400 years ago. In recent years the debate has taken on a new flavor by some who are obviously impressed with the resurgence of Islam worldwide. They have developed a whole new scheme of end time events in which one of the most prominent features is a Muslim Antichrist.

Before I review the rather bizarre Muslim Antichrist Theory, I think it would be wise to present some background material about Islam. I have found that even those who have studied Islam rarely know anything about Islamic eschatology.

Background Information About Islam

The holiest book of Islam is the Qu'ran, which supposedly contains statements of the Islamic god, Allah, which were given to his prophet, Mohammad, by the Angel Gabriel.

Mohammad was illiterate, so scribes wrote down what he said over a 23 year period of time, until his death in 632 AD. Much of the content of the Qu'ran was delivered to Mohammad while he was experiencing seizures that even his first wife considered to be demonic in nature. The scribes began compiling the Qu'ran shortly before Mohammad's death. The Qu'ran is about the length of the New Testament.

The second most sacred book of Islam is called the Hadith. It is mainly a collection of Mohammad's sayings that were not considered to be revelations directly from Allah. The Hadith also contains stories about things Mohammad did.

I think it is very important to note that the Hadith was compiled in the 9th Century, about two hundred years after the death of Mohammad. There were several compilations made during that time, but the most authoritative is considered to be the one by al-Bukhari. He collected a total of over 400,000 sayings of Mohammad and stories about him. These came from the writings of both friends and family members. Many came from Mohammad's 15 wives. Al-Bukhari verified 7,000 as "genuine." These became the al-Bukhari Hadith, one of several versions of the Hadith that have been produced by other compilers.

Strangely, the Qu'ran contains very little prophecy about the end times. It mainly affirms that history will consummate with what's called "the Hour." This is when the resurrection and judgment will take place. So, the Hadith, containing hearsay statements by Mohammed, is the major source of Islamic eschatology.

An Islamic Puzzle

It is extremely difficult to piece together the Islamic concept of the end times. The information is greatly disjointed, being spread throughout the Hadith. Also, unlike Christian prophecy scholars, Islamic students of prophecy have not attempted to systematize their concepts into charts and diagrams which show how all the events are related to each other.

The most helpful source I was able to discover was a book by Dr. Samuel Shahid called The Last Trumpet. He attempts to show that the major concepts of Islamic eschatology were borrowed from the Hebrew Scriptures, the Christian New Testament, and the concepts of Zoroastrianism. The author is the director of Islamic studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Dr. Shahid proves conclusively that Mohammad secured many of his ideas orally from Christians, Jews, and followers of Zoroastrianism. In the process he got many of the stories and principles confused. For example, the Hadith states that the mother of Jesus was Mary, the sister of Moses!

Dr. Shahid also points out that the Hadith was compiled at a time when Islamic authorities knew much more about the Bible and Christian traditions and literature. Thus, many Hadith passages were manufactured and embellished and were heavily influenced by Christian sources.

Complicating matters is the fact that Hadith passages concerning the end times are highly contradictory, and thus it is difficult to nail down a lot of specifics. Only a general outline of end time events can be compiled.

The Islamic Signs of the Times

One very interesting aspect of Islamic eschatology is that it presents signs of the times for people to watch for. Like Christianity, Islam teaches that only God knows the exact timing of end time events. But there are signs to watch for that will indicate the season of the end times, and these signs fall into two categories: major and minor.

Most of the minor signs have to do with general trends in society. The major signs relate to specific prophesied events that will occur between the time of the appearance of the Antichrist and "the Hour" of resurrection and judgment. The listings of both the minor and major signs vary greatly.

The Minor Signs

Let me give you some examples of minor signs. As I do so, you will see how they mirror the signs prophesied in the Bible.

  1. An increase in ignorance concerning the fundamentals of the faith.
  2. Increasing instability of the faith (Muslims becoming Christians overnight).
  3. An increase in false prophets.
  4. An increase in apostasy (as evidenced by Muslims following false teachers).
  5. An increase in religious pretentiousness (as in the building of luxurious mosques).
  6. An acceptance of astrology.
  7. An increase in alcohol use and illicit sexual relations.
  8. An increase in natural calamities.
  9. An increase in political corruption.
  10. People longing for death (due to the increase in calamities and wickedness).
  11. Increasing paganism. (Muslims will increasingly follow the life-styles of non-Muslims.)
  12. An increase in war and civil wars (even wars among Muslims).

There are many other minor signs that are peculiar to Islam, most of which are fantastical in nature. Here are some examples:

  1. Women will outnumber men by 50 to 1. (No reason is given, but it is likely due to the expectation of many jihad martyrs in the end times.)
  2. The Arabs must conquer Constantinople. (The city, now called Istanbul, was conquered by Muslims in the 15th Century, but not by Arabs.)
  3. A people will emerge who eat with their tongues like cows.
  4. Time will contract, with a year being like a month and a month like a week.
  5. Wild beasts will speak to men.
  6. The Euphrates River will uncover a mountain of gold.

The Major Signs

The major signs pointing to "the Hour" are all critical events that are part of the end time sequence of events, beginning with the appearance of the Antichrist. Muslim scholars generally do not try to present a strict chronological order of what is going to ultimately transpire, but the order presented below is representative:

  1. The appearance of the Antichrist, called the Dajjal.
  2. The rising of the Islamic Messiah, called the Mahdi.
  3. The Return of Jesus.
  4. The Reign of Jesus.
  5. The Day of Resurrection, called "The Hour."
  6. The Day of Judgment.

There are many other end time events mentioned in the Hadith, but these are the most important. Let's look for a moment at each of these key events in their chronological order.

End Time Specifics

1) The Appearance of the Antichrist, called the Dajjal.
He will be a Jew born in Iran to parents who have been childless for 30 years. He will have only one eye. He will claim to be a prophet, and then he will claim to be divine. He will deceive many by his godliness and his miracles. He will go forth with an army of 70,000 Jews and 70,000 Tartars, and he will conquer all the world except Mecca and Medina. His reign will last for 40 days during a time when one day will be like a year. Some passages of the Hadith indicate that he will have the word "Infidel" written on his forehead. His reign is characterized by cruelty and deceit. He has a militaristic mentality. His purpose is to be deified, worshiped, and to reign.

2) The rising of the Islamic Messiah, called the Mahdi.
He will be a descendant of Mohammed who will come on a white horse. He will deliver the world from the reign of the Dajjal. In the process he will conquer Israel and slaughter the Jews. He will establish a new Islamic world headquarters in Jerusalem, and he will rule for 7 years (and possibly 8 or 9 years, depending upon differing Hadith passages). His rule will end with his death.

3) The Return of Jesus.
It is not clear at what point in the career of the Mahdi Jesus will return. Some believe it will be as soon as the Mahdi is able to organize his Muslim army to oppose the Dajjal's Jewish army. Jesus will return to the Mount of Olives and then head to Damascus where he will meet up with the Mahdi and submit himself to him as a subordinate. At some point in the Mahdi's wars Jesus himself will be the one who will kill the Dajjal and see to the annihilation of the Jews. Jesus will then serve as an Islamic evangelist, proclaiming Islam as the one and only true religion, and he will establish Islamic Shariah law throughout the entire earth.

4) The Reign of Jesus.
Upon the death of the Mahdi, Jesus will assume control of the Islamic worldwide kingdom. He will reign for 40 years. He will be a just ruler. Every harmful beast will be domesticated. There will be abundant rain and plentiful harvests. All weapons of war will be converted into tools of agriculture, and there will be world wide peace. (All of this imagery is taken, of course, from the book of Isaiah.) Jesus will go to Mecca regularly to perform rituals of pilgrimage. Twenty-one years into His reign, He will marry and begat children. Nineteen years later He will die. He will be buried in Medina next to Mohammad where He will await the Day of Resurrection like all other humans who have died.

5) The Day of Resurrection, called "The Hour."
There is only one resurrection in Islamic eschatology. The saved and the unsaved are resurrected at the same time. Mohammad will be the first human being to be resurrected. All those resurrected will be naked. Abraham will be the first person to be clothed by Allah. He will be seated facing Allah's throne. Mohammad will then be clothed and will be seated at the right hand of Allah.

6) The Day of Judgment.
At this point Allah descends from Heaven to judge all humanity. Allah will weigh the good and bad deeds of each person. This is called the concept of "the Scale." The deeds of all people will be weighed in Allah's scales to determine their eternal destiny.


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