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 April 5, 2013

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 TOPLatest Sports Headlines Links


John Farrell set for cool Toronto reception  Boston Herald
For one night, the aged Yankees reign  Boston Herald
Sox suffer power shortage at Stadium  Boston Herald
Pettitte, Yankees avoid Red Sox sweep  Boston Herald
Kevin Youkilis: Avoid false starts  Boston Herald
With Britton, Sox send wrong message  ESPN
Takeaways from Bronx: Canada lies in wait  ESPN
Red Sox-Blue Jays Live: John Farrell Returns to Toronto As Sox Open Up Three-Game Set With Jays  NESN
Red Sox-Blue Jays Preview  Yahoo Sports
In Uncertain Season, Old Combination Works Fine for Yankees  NY Times
Doubront's number comes up... at last  Projo
A Series Matter: Red Sox-Blue Jays and Villains  Projo
Farrell will be the center of attention in his return to Toronto  RedSox.com
No sweep thoughts: Sox foiled by Pettitte  RedSox.com
With series win, Sox off to fresh start  RedSox.com
MLB Thoughts: Hey, Blue Jays aren't awful!  ESPN
MLB Reddick, Cespedes go deep to topple Mariners  MLB.com
MLB Orioles' Brian Roberts hurts hamstring in win over Tampa  Sports Illustrated
MLB Tampa Bay Rays fan who created Steve Irwin sign defends 'funny' poster  Ottawa Citizen
Bruins Jaromir Jagr's debut a success for Bruins  Boston Herald
Bruins Rask at his best in blanking Devils  ESPN
Celtics Kevin Garnett a possibility for Sunday  Boston Herald
Celtics A point (guard) of emphasis  ESPN

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 Joke of the Day

Joke of the Day


WARNING:  Jokes that appear in this column may not be suitable for all subscribers. Read at your own risk.   


A Sunday school teacher asked the children in her class, "If I sold my house and my car, had a big garage sale and gave all my money to the church, would I get into Heaven?"

"No!" the children all answered.

"If I cleaned the church every day, mowed the yard, and kept everything neat and tidy, would I get into Heaven?"

Again the answer was "No!"

"Well", she continued, "then how can I get into Heaven?"

A five-year-old boy shouted out, "You gotta be dead!"


Submitted by:  Tom Raymond


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 Wise Guy

Smart Alec Quote of the Day

If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates.   Jay Leno

Baseball Quote of the Day
I'd walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball.  Pete Rose
Fact of the Day (don't quote me)   

The Statue of Liberty's mouth is 3 feet wide.  

Who Said That?
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"You look at baseball cards, there's no such thing as a position of a 'guy that hits lefties' or a 'guy that hits righties."

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Hi all. What do you think of the pitch locator's box in the bottom right corner the entire game? I like it as it gives you an idea, if not really perfect, of where the pitch is and how close and consistent the umps are. Anyway, it's fun to see them start strong, especially in beating the Yanks. It may be only 2 games, but you've got to like the way it's going. Miller has been wild and Aceves has been, well, Aceves. He might be on a short leash. If Inglesias keeps up his hitting, how can they justify putting Drew in when he comes back? Oh well, only time will tell. It's early but already much more fun than last year.

Lynn in Billerica



Only one thing too say, Aceves has got to go...

Ed * Morro Bay




I am looking forward to seeing the responses to Bruce's comments on Friday regarding the caliber of talent on this year's team.

Ed * Hanover


Ask Fun Walk & 5K for Mighty Macie

UPDATE - $2,435!!!!!!!  
Team Macie is still #1 team! 
I continue to be amazed and in awe of your donations.  I can't wait to represent you all on April 27!  

Well ... looks like Joe (Macie's dad) will be contributing $100 to Team Macie as the Sox took the series!
On April 27th I will participate in a walk to raise funds for families with childhood cancer. For our Mighty Macie, it is a two year treatment of chemo and other drugs. Hopefully lots of money will be raised by our team to directly help.

If you want to support my walk you can donate here:

If you are not able to donate financially, prayers for healing will be appreciated. 

The ASK foundation helps families by making life during treatment a little bit better.  They not only help with counseling and financially, but they will send families on fun excursions to take their mind off the illness.


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Answer to "Who Said That"?
"I just love the feeling from the fans and when I'm walking on deck I can hear people screaming and wishing you the best. That puts you into the game more than anything."
Jonny Gomes
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