Upcoming Neighborhood Council Presentations
As part of the launch of Springfield's Strong, Healthy and Just Plan, we will give presentations in neighborhood councils meetings across the city. The presentations will highlight resident actions and give a brief walk through of the city's dashboard, Resilient Springfield, dedicated in updating residents about the progress of the plan.

If you would like to schedule a presentation at your neighborhood council meeting, please contact Shirley Rodriguez at 794-7739.
October 5th is Energy Efficiency Day!
Do you want to know how you can be save energy and money? Here are some tips on ways you can save!

  1. Make the switch to LED
  2. Seal those leaks
  3. Heat and cool efficiently
  4. Maintain your HVAC system
  5. Look for the energy star label

For more details on these tips or to find out more ways you can save, click here.
Promotion of Energy Audits Kicks off Launch to Springfield's Climate Action and Resilience Plan
On Wednesday, September 6, Mayor Sarno announced Springfield's "Strong, Healthy and Just: Climate Action and Resilience Plan". This plan came together through the participation of hundreds of residents and the hard work of community partners and the Climate Action & Resilience working group, including  Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Partners for a Healthier Community Arise for Social Justice  and the  Springfield Climate Justice Coalition

The city aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050, and the mayor urged residents to take advantage of free home  energy audits  and financial aid to make their homes more energy efficient.
Did You Get a Thermal Image in Your Mail? Find Out How to Save Energy!
In September over 6000 Springfield residents received thermal images of their homes showing energy loss and money wasted. To learn how you can save energy, money and the planet, visit  Ener-G-Save for more information. If you receive fuel assistance, please contact  Springfield Partners for Community Action.

Resilient Springfield
In 2017, the City of Springfield, with funding from the US Department of Housing & Urban Development and in partnership with Pioneer Valley Regional Planning Commission and many others, set out to develop “Strong, Healthy and Just: Springfield’s Climate Action and Resilience Plan” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 and to enhance the overall resilience of Springfield.
A Resilient Springfield is a dashboard that provides all of its community members with a thriving economy, a healthy and safe environment, and access to education and training opportunities. It has been prepared for the impacts associated with the changing climate and changing economic conditions.