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Today's Uncensored Sullivan County News & More!
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Today's Sullivan County Uncensored News:  

Hatzolah CEO pleased that Woodridge dropped tickets issued to paramedics

An attorney for the Village of Woodridge has written to the CEO of the Hatzolah Ambulance putting an end to the controversy over traffic tickets issued to two Hatzolah EMTs who responded to an emergency call with red lights on. "On behalf of the Mayor, the Village of Woodridge both recognizes and acknowledges the rights of the properly licensed Hatzolah emergency vehicles to be treated as any other emergency vehicle including police, fire and other emergency vehicles," wrote attorney Jeffrey Kaplan in an August 10 letter to ambulance service CEO Rabbi David Cohen. Read More

Politics swirl in bid for judges-Sullivan County center of storm

"It's Soviet-style democracy in the sense that we have all the appearances of an election: You go to the ballot box, except the choices have all been made for you," said James Sample, a law professor at Hofstra University who is considered an expert on voting rights and judicial elections. "We're talking about politicians who may be running for office but are still expected at the end of the day to represent everyone equally." Read More


SC Chamber presents seminar for businesses and non-profits on Social Media Risk Management

"It is imperative that businesses know what is being said about their business on all types of social media and, most importantly how they can deal with it in a professional manner" states Terri Ward, President/CEO of the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce. Read More 


Huffington Post Great Press for Sullivan County: The Grandchildren Are Here. Now What?

This was not my grandmother's Catskills -- she had a farm in Jeffersonville, with no plumbing or electricity and provided the greatest summers I ever had. Her place is not the place I remember. The great hotels aren't there anymore. But in their place is a lively country-ish environment in which you can do just about anything, from riding to sitting on a porch swing, to having a goat cheese and beets salad to hiking. Read More 


Opinion: Smear Campaign to Stop Law Enforcement Committee

What is most appalling is that town supervisors fell into Schiff's trap and urged the legislature not to move forward with the advisory committee. Instead of working together with the legislature, our supervisors are developing a wedge between them and county officials.  Perhaps legislators should tell townships how to conduct their business. They should attend their meetings and publically denounce their actions. Read More


'Perv' preyed at Orthodox summer camp

State Police are investigating whether a kosher- food deliveryman snuck into bunks at an upstate summer camp for seventh- and eighth-grade Orthodox Jewish boys from Brooklyn and sexually molested several of them. Read More


SUNY Sullivan Foundation Announces 2012 "Women Who Make a Difference"
A Monticello man, who pulled the trigger shooting a man in the neck with a .32 caliber handgun in an argument over a girl, was sentenced in Sullivan County Court to 65 years in state prison and five years of probation. The victim was paralyzed in the shooting on August 21, 201 in the courtyard of the Evergreen Housing Complex in Monticello and is now a paraplegic. Read More


Sullivan County Quickies:

Today's Uncensored New York State News & Views:

NY bends, spares yoga studios from sales tax

New York tax officials have ruled that yoga studios should be spared from sales taxes because the popular form of exercise is predominantly a spiritual practice. The decision is a reversal for the Department of Taxation and Finance. Just a year ago it had decided yoga studios were subject to the same taxes charged at fitness centers. Read More


Martens has gone from environmental activist to DEC chief-Former advocate for environment set to OK fracking

In 2007, Joe Martens stood in Sullivan County with fellow environmentalists and touted a newly formed organization dedicated to advocating for "the Catskills way of life." Martens was the group's founding chairman through 2010, and he outlined his hopes for building "an active network of citizens" in a region that "needs its people speaking up so that its tremendous cultural and natural resources stay intact." Read More


'I' for incomplete

Gov. Cuomo was quick to take credit last winter for finding a way - finally - to hold bad teachers accountable. Maybe too quick. And now he seems to be hoping no one will remember. Read More


Travesty in the making: Dysfunctional state legislators should back away from proposal for a pay hike

At $79,900 a year for part-time jobs, New York lawmakers are the second-highest paid in the country, second only to California. When you add on the extra pay for positions such as committee chairmanships, salaries can run close to $120,000. An easy comparison with neighboring states shows Connecticut pays its legislators $28,000 a year; New Jersey pays $49,000.Read More

Today's Featured "Uncensored Sullivan County Facebook" Page Post: Hatzolah EMTs drive recklessly to accident scenes.

Dale Morton:

It's about time something is done to curb these summer accidents waiting to happen! Then when an officer does do the right thing, some higher up with an open pocket reverses the proper action that was taken....these summer time EMT's are a danger to all of us including the summer visitors the way they run the roads.. 
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