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World Pulse

Dispatches from the Global Struggle to End Violence Against Women

March 2013

As world leaders gather to assess global progress on gender equality this week during the 57th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW), ordinary women are also coming together across borders, uniting their voices to end violence against women worldwide. For the last eight months World Pulse has gathered testimonies and listened to recommendations from our community on the issue of gender violence.

These voices are breaking through silence to push global commitments and pioneer local solutions. Follow these rising vocal leaders as they take you through the darkest shadows of violence in their communities, and lead you to the brightest spots of grassroots driven change.

photo GLOBAL: Ushering an End to Gender-Based Violence

Grassroots voices unite to prove that women and girls don't just bear the brunt of the world's violence---- they are carrying the solutions.
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photo KENYA: A Cruel Cut in the Name of Tradition

Like many young girls in Africa, Gladys Kiranto was circumcised as a child. Today, she leads an organization that fights against the practice and provides safe haven for girls who need her help.
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photo AFGHANISTAN: A Letter to My Harasser

Men who harass women on the street may think shame and fear will keep their victims quiet, but Noorjahan Akbar refuses to be silenced so easily.
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photo INDIA: War Against Rape

Following the now infamous New Delhi gang rape, Stella Paul is simultaneously horrified and encouraged by her community's reaction.
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photo AFGHANISTAN: Breaking the Cycle

Once an abuser himself, Ali Shahidy is now an ally for women and an outspoken advocate against gender-based violence in his homeland.
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photo CAMEROON: Stop Torturing Our Daughters

In Cameroon, women iron the breasts of their daughters using grinding stones, coconut shells, or hammers heated over hot coals in an attempt to delay sexual development. One organization has begun turning the tide against this violent practice. Nakinti reports.
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photo SOUTH AFRICA: A Man's Perspective

Educator Isaac Aggrey urges men to reject cultural norms that equate manhood with power and dominance. Only then, he says, can women enjoy a world free of violence.
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photo IRELAND: Meditation for Healing from Sexual Abuse

As a child growing up in Northern Ireland Aoife Valley endured the dual violence of the conflict around her and sexual abuse at the hands of her father. Through the art of meditation she has found her path to healing.
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