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Board Member
Mark Blaxill Testifies

When it comes to leading the charge for ending autism, SafeMinds has consistently been there, fighting hard to establish the plain facts about the causes of this devastating disorder, and taking solid steps to secure the scientific and public policy advances needed to effectively prevent and treat it.


We know you have looked to SafeMinds in the past for leadership in this long-term fight, and we are extremely grateful for your generous support of our committed team.   You have personally helped SafeMinds remain a leading voice for the autism community.


Thanks to your support of our leadership, the SafeMinds team continues to make a difference - providing the voice of reason on autism research by sitting on federal committees, funding cutting edge science, and speaking out thoughtfully in the media.


Now, we need to count on your support for our work in the coming year.




Because for the first time in more than a decade, we all have a remarkable opportunity to break the federal logjam currently blocking any real progress in autism research and effective treatments.Your gift will be extremely important this year to make the difference between having a voice or falling silent in the fight to find the answers we all desperately want.


Today our friend Congressman Dan Burton chaired the House Government Oversight hearing.  It was an important day for autism.  The committee has been listening.  That was made very clear by the questions they asked.  SafeMinds will drive this home, and not let up until these questions are answered and our government addresses this issue. 


We are so grateful to Congressmen Burton and Issa, and to all the parents, family members and autism professionals who showed up today and called and wrote their representatives to help make this happen.  Many people weren't able to attend today because of the impact of autism.  We asked those who weren't able to attend to share the reasons why with us, so we could make part of the public records.  These are a small sample of the people that SafeMinds represented at today's hearing: 


"I can't attend the hearing because every other Sunday my wife and I drive two and one-half hours one way to visit our son in a residential center.  This is costly financially and emotionally because we realize our son will never live in our home because of his severe aggressions."


"I cannot attend the hearing because I need my job to pay for the full time care my 18 year old son with autism will need after I am dead and cannot take the afternoon off"


"I cannot attend the Autism hearing on November 29, 2012 because I am a single mother of a 7 year old with autism who becomes very uncomfortable and bolts in public places. I also have multiple sclerosis and my gross annual income is under $8,000. 


"I am sorry I cannot attend the hearing, I had open heart surgery while caring for two children with autism.  I do not have the money to travel, as I have not worked since my surgery.  I spent all the money I do have making sure my boys have what they need. My younger son has very little language and depends on me for everything."


"I can't attend the hearing because I have no one willing to stay with my six-year-old autistic son due to his aggressive behaviors and violent outbursts"


As you know, SafeMinds is working hard on the big-picture issues in autism - causes, treatments and cures for our kids.  We are also dedicated to protecting future generations from the devastation of autism by reversing the rising trend in diagnosed casesand preventing more kids from falling ill.


In this coming year, now more than ever, we need your help:


In order to maximize the ripple effect of the Congressional hearing - including finding an autism champion to replace Rep. Burton and building momentum to capitalize on what happened today - we need your support.


Won't you help us ensure that Congress redoubles their efforts to investigate and combat this national crisis in the manner it so clearly deserves?


Poul Thorsen, a CDC autism researcher who allegedly manipulated government research to exonerate thimerosal and now stands accused of embezzling US research money, has moved to the top of the Most Wanted list by the Office of Inspector General in the Department of Health and human Services.  Can you help us bring him to justice?


New research continues to identify additional concerns about mercury.  We need to demonstrate the magnitude of the problem to the current class of Congress.  Will you help us make that connection?


Your help is needed to make that happen.  Your help.  In these days of billion-dollar presidential campaigns, we need to raise our voices even louder. We know we can't afford to buy the solutions, but we can go a long way toward amplifying the message that solutions are needed, right away.


Your gift of any size -  $10, $25, $100, $500, $1,000 or $5,000 - can make all the difference to the parents and families who are reeling under the impact of autism or for those families who fear its effects.




SafeMinds need your support to continue looking for the answers we all need to deal with this crisis.  


Our SafeMinds team is committed to pursuing more groundbreaking work in science and policy - for you, for your loved ones, for everyone affected by autism. Please help to make this possible with your generous support.  


Your donation will make a world of difference. We promise you.