June 2015
New Report:
"Punishing the Poorest"

"I have to hide like a dog at night." 
-Oscar, homeless in San Francisco 

The Coalition on Homelessness recently published an important report about the effect of criminalization on people who are homeless. This report highlights the added difficulties put upon homeless people by punitive policies that don't address root causes of homelessness. We know this to be true from talking with guests of The Gubbio Project and its helpful to have statistics on the subject. 

We are grateful to The Coalition on Homelessness and all the people who made this report possible!

From the introduction: 

"Since 1981, San Francisco has passed more local measures to criminalize sleeping, sitting, or panhandling in public spaces than any other city in the state of California. During this same period, the United States has experienced the greatest expansion of its jail and prison system under any democracy in history. This expansion has primarily affected the poorest members of this society.

...The study makes evident how criminalization not only fails to reduce homelessness in public space, but also perpetuates homelessness, racial and gender inequality, and poverty even once one has exited homelessness.

Vincentian Service Corps Member 
Final Week!

My service year has ended!  A year ago today, I was
preparing to move to San Francisco not knowing at all what was in store for me.  You all already know from reading my blog how much I have learned and experienced this year.  I am very blessed and excited to announce that I am staying!  Starting in July, I will be the new Volunteer Coordinator at Gubbio!  Words can't express how much I am looking forward to the next chapter of my time at Gubbio; looking forward to continue working with the amazing staff here, to continue building relationships with and advocating for our guests, and to continue sharing our stories with you all!
- Jose Lopez

Sign up for a summer breakfast! 

WHAT: Summer Breakfast opportunity for groups of 7-15 people, 2-3 with cooking experience preferable
WHEN: Pick a date: M-TH, June 15- August 6th,  any 2.5 hour period between 6am- 10am
WHERE: St. Boniface Church
WHY: Meet the basic needs of guests for nutrition, connection and acceptance. Meet your own need to deeply engage with your community, be generous and to spend time with friends. 
HOW: For details and to learn more email Jose Lopez at josel@thegubbioproject.org  
In This Issue
~ Neutral Ground: ChargeUp ~

The Gubbio Project has partnered with volunteer Stan and his project ChargeUp.  ChargeUp addresses the reality our guests face of not having access to charge their phones.  This organization purchases and ships portable batteries to our project.  Our guests then can check out these batteries and charge up their mobile devices while they sleep.  Consider supporting ChargeUp and donating some batteries to their project!  Follow the link to learn more about their mission:       

Painting Gubbio Bathrooms:
Thanks Zendesk!

Zendesk employees came to help us re-paint our bathrooms this month. With such a need for access to public bathrooms in the areas, the usage of this vital service is, to put it lightly, more than most bathrooms see. 

Keeping our bathrooms clean and working well is a big task. Zendesk employees did a great job helping with this.

More importantly, Zendesk has gone above most of the new businesses in the area in finding ways to meaningfully engage with our communities and promote social responsibility as company culture. We were impressed their CEO came to paint!

Thanks Zendesk.


(Zendesk employees paint: CEO Mikkel, David, Kate, Paul, Susan and Andy!)


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