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Keeping track of tools and equipment can be difficult enough with a small operation. Things are lost or misplaced on a daily basis; that's simply a fact of life on a job site.
But when you are operating a large operation across multiple job sites, the characteristic challenges of equipment management are multiplied ten-fold. And if you are unable to get a handle on the problem, it can become overwhelming... as well as very costly in terms of time, money and reputation.

Tip #1: Save time while keeping workers accountable for lost items and tool hoarding by scanning items in the field and uploading data wirelessly. With a web browser-based tool management software like ToolHound Cloud, your entire equipment inventory can be managed remotely at any time and from anywhere via a single software platform and an Internet connection.

Tip #2: Recapture tool costs by billing for usage per each job site or client. ToolHound makes it easy to maintain a complete history of tool usage by item and employee, automatically recording charges and expenses for each inventory item.

Tip #3: Simplify the task of adding new items to inventory as you expand sites with the ToolHound Purchasing Module. This system not only...

Do Millennials Need Special Handling at the Work Site?
by Jeff Winke, CEG

Love 'em; hate 'em...makes no difference. Millennials are here to stay. They are the generation born between 1980ish and 2000ish and are the workforce of tomorrow being hired today. 

The Millennial generation will compose the majority of the construction workforce by 2018, according to the U.S. Census.
While the economy rebounds and the projects come in, Baby Boomers are leaving and Millennials are there to take their place. But the struggle is there. Millennials require a new style of recruitment, management and retention.
Here are five characteristics of Millennials that...

Top Signs You Should Invest In Tool and Equipment Tracking


Making an investment in IT hardware or software can be a tough decision that brings up a number of questions. How will this new system affect the way my company operates? Will it cost me money or make me money?
These are valid questions that should be considered with any business investment, including the purchase of a tool and equipment management system like ToolHound. 

Here are some signs that you should implement a system to track your equipment assets.

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