Reflecting upon 2017, it seems that there were some themes with the type of work requested by local companies.

  1. Awareness building campaigns
  2. Media outreach
  3. Conflict management

Awareness building
Most companies are interested in obtaining more customers/patients/clients/members, and have a hard time trying to figure out how to reach these groups. It would be easy to say, let's do an ad campaign to reach folks - but that may not be the best or most cost-effective approach. We know enough now about demographics, reading, and shopping habits to know that certain groups prefer information in a way unique to them.

I work with companies to figure out the best approach, and the together we create a variety of methods for outreach. By taking time to understand who you are trying to reach, and how to best reach them (through market research), we can better target your publics, and see faster results.

Media outreach
Media outreach is another request. Most companies are not sure who to contact, and how to get a story idea picked up. Tip - Not all media outlets are appropriate for your story. Find out who you want to reach, and how they like to receive information from you - from there you can create a plan with the right media outlets and contacts.

Crisis management
Last conflict, or crisis management can be something that happens to your business. Without proper planning, this can be a nightmare. With some planning and foresight, you can mitigate some very serious public relations issues that could come up in the media, or through your employee base.