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Hello and Happy June!

It's been several weeks since my last newsletter, and I've missed writing to you!   


For me, these past weeks have been chock full of stretching, including teaching an online graduate course at New York University, interviewing entrepreneurial greats for my new Forbes series "Entrepreneurial Women Rocking the World" and developing my upcoming career transformation program "The Amazing Career Project."  Exciting times!  I hope you've been well and enjoying your early summer. 


Today's newsletter is focused on supporting budding entrepreneurs -- and revealing what top startup advisors and investors have shared are the top 4 behaviors to embrace to succeed in your own business.   


Along with assisting career women globally, I'm committed to supporting the growth of entrepreneurial women here and abroad, and towards that end, I'm very pleased to be a backer of a groundbreaking new documentary film "She Means Business."  


For more about the film, and powerful insights and tips about how to succeed in your own entrepreneurial venture, please click the link below for my latest Forbes post: 



(If you like the post and the series, I hope you'll spread it via FB, LI and Twitter to your friends and colleagues and follow my Career Bliss blog. Thanks!)      


I hope this provides some strong motivation and inspiration to help you move forward if you are contemplating starting a business or in the early stages of launch.   


I'm so happy to report that I'm in the process of developing a powerful new career transformation program called The Amazing Career Project, which is dedicated to helping women achieve their highest and most exciting career dreams and visions.  


If you're ready to step up to your amazing career visions, this program is for you!

The program offers a number of levels and services to suit a wide variety of needs and situations, and will feature video instruction and webcasts, home assignments to move you forward, live Q&A calls to offer hands-on career coaching support, masterminds and exciting live events around the country. And I plan to offer my completed "My 52 Mistakes" video series as a bonus!  


In developing this membership program, I'm working with a wonderful team -- The Worthy Marketing Group -- who have supported top national authors and experts such as Jonathan Fields, Gretchen Rubin and Marcus Buckingham, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the partnership. 



As we're building the program to meet your needs, I'd love to hear from you! 

Please visit my Ellia Communications Facebook page (please "like" the page too!) and share with me your answers to the following questions:


1) What are the top three challenges and issues you are facing right now in your career and professional life?
2) Do you work for someone else or your own business?   


3) Are you thinking of launching your own business?   


4) What are your highest dreams and visions for your career and professional life (don't hold back!)?  

5) What type of support would help you the most right now (group calls, one-on-coaching, video instruction, masterminds, etc.)  

Please share your candid thoughts about where you are in your career and how we can help.  My dream is to support millions of women to make their most expansive career visions and dreams a reality and your feedback will help!

And do follow my Forbes blog for more career and entrepreneurial tips and insights from inspirational experts such as Tory Johnson, Brendon Burchard (author of The Millionaire Messenger - a must read for authors/experts!), Mary Lou Quinlan, and more!


Thank you for reading and sharing, and being a part of my amazing and diverse community. I'm honored and thrilled to be connected.


All best wishes for abundant success, and a wonderful summer! 

P.S. If you found this useful, please click the social media icons above to share it on FB, Twitter and Linkedin. Thank you and see you soon! 


Ellia Communications, Inc. is a career and executive coaching and professional success training firm dedicated to the advancement of women in business.   

Ellia offers transformational career coaching, leadership and communications training, executive consulting and resources that help professional women break through to greater success, fulfillment and reward in their careers.  We also support organizations to create more diverse and inclusive work cultures that encourage all members of the workforce to thrive equally and reach their highest potential.  


(And yes!  We are happy to coach and support professional men too!)

Kathy's book,
Breakdown, Breakthrough offers a powerful, holistic guide to overcoming the 12 hidden crises women face today.  See Kathy's Forbes blog for coverage of top career issues and trends.

For more information, please see:


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Kathy Caprino, MA 
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