How do you prepare for
an online interview? 

Did you know that, according to Forbes Magazine, more than 60% of companies are conducting job interviews online via Skype? 

In today's global workplace, the Skype interview is a fast, inexpensive, and convenient recruitment tool.  Interviewing through Skype brings challenges and opportunities. With the right preparation, you can excel in your online interview and successfully land your next job!  
Top 6 Tips to Ace Your
Skype Interview

1. Dress for Success
  • Treat it like an in-person interview - dress in business attire from head to toe.      

2. Establish a Professional Environment    

  • Determine an appropriate interview space and arrange a quiet area to eliminate background noise. 
  • Ensure a neat work area and simple background. Suggestions:
    • Solid or simple pattern colored wall 
    • Organized bookshelf or desk 
    • Avoid plain white background, windows, or a busy background that may distract the interviewer.   
  • Keep your resume and other appropriate documents, including questions for the interviewer, close at hand.

3. Check Your Equipment  

  • Ensure you are connected to high speed internet.   
  • Test your webcam and microphone to verify that you are seen and heard clearly.  
  • Confirm that your Skype username and status are appropriate and professional. 

4. Control the Lighting   

  • Be seen at your best. Too much or too little light can make it difficult for the interviewer to see you clearly.   

5. Ensure Professional Body Language

  • Treat the online interview the same as you would in person.   
    • Be conscious of your body language and maintain good posture.   
    • Keep hand gestures to a minimal.  
  • Maintain good eye contact by looking directly into the camera rather than at the interviewer's or your own image. 
  • Remember to smile! 

6. Practice Makes Perfect

  • Ask a friend or colleague to conduct a mock interview with you on Skype.   
  • Dress in your interview outfit and sit with good posture.   
  • Practice speaking audibly and clearly, and looking into the webcam.   
  • With a few practice sessions, you will be comfortable and prepared to ace your Skype interview!

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