July 28, 2017
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Register to sponsor Pro Hops Vino! by next Tuesday to be featured in the BBA magazine, which is distributed to over 3,500 attorneys in the Birmingham area! Pro Hops Vino!, Birmingham's premiere legal party, brings together the city's legal community for a night of food and drink provided by distinguished winemakers, Birmingham's best breweries, and local restaurants, all while raising funds to support the BBVLP's mission to provide legal aid to low-income families.

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1) What do the Birmingham Negro Southern League Museum, Rogue Tavern, and Cahaba Brewing have in common?

They are all part of this year's Pro Hops Vino! Explore the museum while enjoying fine wine, catering from local restaurants including Rogue Tavern, Bistro V, Urban Cookhouse, and Kyoto Yakitori, and beer from Cahaba Brewing, Fairhope Brewing, Victory Brewing, and more.

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Attending Pro Hops Vino! will bring you face to face with some of the most distinguished members of the Birmingham legal field, their clients, and colleagues. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet and mingle with the city's legal community while raising money to help low-income individuals overcome life-altering legal problems.
Join the BBVLP team today and make a difference

Are you concerned about issues of safe housing for low-income citizens? Have you been looking for an opportunity to put your legal knowledge to work serving veterans? The BBVLP is looking for a passionate and committed Safe Housing and Serving Veterans Attorney to join our team. For more information, click here
La Brenda Norman, F.L. Norman Law, LLC

Years volunteering with the BBVLP: Since 2016.

Current case: Won custody case so mother could be with her son.

Why was this case meaningful?: This mother had a rough point in her life and gave her son's father custody for his wellbeing, not realizing it would be a struggle to get him back. The son is happy with his mother and she has done very well with him.

Client comment:  "It was great working with Ms. Norman. She coached me how to behave and keep my emotions down. Everything has  been smooth. I cannot thank her enough."

1. Please help this homeless woman through her divorce

This client is currently residing in a Birmingham shelter. The client's husband is on bonded house arrest due to charges for attempted murder, robbery, and kidnapping. Please help this client restart her life.


2.  Please help this woman divorce her incarcerated spouse

The spouse is currently incarcerated in Georgia. The client wishes to move on so that she can build a better life for her son. The BBVLP has experience in winning divorce cases against individuals in prison. This is a relatively easy case and we can help a volunteer attorney with it. 


*This is the client's fourth time in eBrief

3. Please help this mother get a custody modification

This client needs help to modify the custody arrangement of her 14-year-old daughter. Currently, the client has joint custody with the child's stepfather, who is the primary; however, the daughter is alleging that the stepfather is sexually abusing her. Help this mother gain full custody of her child.


4.  Please help this client protect their home from future flooding damage

This client bought their home in 2012 and has worked four jobs to keep the home from falling into foreclosure. There is a flooding issue at the home, which has already caused the client to have to take out a loan for $45,000. Please help this client overcome this obstacle.


5.  Please help this veteran create a living will

This client wants to ensure that he has a Do Not Resuscitate order in place in case the worst were to happen. Please help him achieve peace of mind.


HELP DESK ATTORNEYS:  Thank you to the following attorneys
Civil Help Desk: 27 clients served
Miller Boxx  
Legal Services of Alabama
Priscilla Kelley
Kendra Johnson
Denzel Okinedo and Donnie Winningham
Bressler Amery & Ross
Katie Grayson and Lisa Booth
Healthsouth Legal Department
Marcus Chatterton
Balch & Bingham
Wade Anderson
Wade S. Anderson & Associates
Preston Neel
Domestic Relations Help Desk: 29 clients served
April Bauder
The Merrell Law Firm, LLC
James Illston
The Merrell Law Firm, LLC
John Milledge
Monica Agee
Pam Weed
Maura Goodwin
Melinda Guillame
Leon Johnson

Veterans Help Desk: 24 clients served
Judge John Carroll
Cumberland School of Law
Preston Neel and Jordan Thompson
Angeline Sperling
Sperling & Moore, P.C.

April Bell
YWCA of Central Alabama
Jessica Chang
Kaylie Eichold
Cumberland School of Law
Kim Fasking
Cumberland School of Law
Ian Green
Cumberland School of Law
Sydney Willmann
Cumberland School of Law
John Gray
Gray Associates, LLC
April Bauder
The Merrell Law Firm, LLC
Ashley Rhea
Maynard Cooper Gale
Miller Boxx
Legal Services of Alabama
Julie Carter
Stephen Parsley
Ambria Lankford
Grant Premo
Dawn Sharff
Steven Casey
Jones Walker
Robin Burrell
Najjar Denaburg, P.C.
Perryn Carroll
Carroll & Carroll, P.C.
Michelle Pieroni
Huie, Fernambucq & Stewart, LLC
John Civils
Huie, Fernambucq & Stewart, LLC
Lindsey Simmons
King Simmons PC
Kris Burbank
Alexander Shunnarah

Melinda G uillaume

Melinda helped a woman though her divorce case . The client stated, "the experience was great."

Melissa Doggett

Melissa helped a woman through a divorce whose spouse was in prison. Her client said, "She did a great job!"

Loring Jones

Loring helped a client with a tort lawsuit.

Ju dge John Carroll

Judge Carroll assisted two clients, one with a homeownership dispute and one with a license reinstatement.
Edgar Gentle

Edgar helped a client with a wills/estate case.

Katie Hill

Katie solved a landlord/tenant dispute on behalf of a client.
Preston Nichols

Preston succeeded in obtaining a default judgement for a client in the amount of $7,300. Preston also obtained a consent judgment in the amount of $662 for another client. Preston helped an additional client with a landlord/tenant dispute.

Angeline Sperling

Angeline helped her client successfully collect her personal belongings in a landlord/tenant dispute.

Ted helped a client convert a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to a Chapter 7 and get it discharged.

Brian Walding

Brian aided a client in their bankruptcy case.

Sarah Yates

Sarah closed a homeownership/ real property case.

Tanisia Moore

Tanisia helped a client get an adoption over their grandchildren.

Jason Bonar

Jason assisted a client with drafting a durable power of attorney.

Yashiba Glenn-Blanchard

Yashiba agreed to help a woman divorce her husband who was convicted of sodomy.

John Milledge

John accepted a custody modification case.

Brad Green
King & Green

Brad agreed to help a woman through her divorce process.

Ginger Hamilton

Ginger accepted a domestic violence case.

Judge Patricia Stephens
Pro Se CLE rescheduled to September 8th

The BBVLP Pro Se CLE previously scheduled for this Thursday will now be held on September 8th from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. The session will be held in  Judge Patricia Stephens ' courtroom at the Domestic Relations Courthouse at 2124 7th Avenue North, and will feature presentations by Judge Stephens and  Judge Nakita Blocton  on best practices for serving pro se clients. Participants will receive one CLE credit and lunch is provided. Attendance is free; sign up by clicking here .

Mark your calendars to hear a national speaker on Domestic Violence

Mark your calendars for 11 a.m.  on Thursday, August 10   to be at the Birmingham Bar Association Center. That's when national domestic violence attorney,  Jennifer Arsenian , will be holding an interactive discussion about the implications of domestic violence, safety, and accountability in court interventions. This free session is worth two CLE credits and lunch will be provided.
Alabama Is the Sixth Poorest State in Nation

Alabama Possible, a local nonprofit to increasing awareness of poverty in the South, has found that Alabama is the sixth poorest state in the nation. The organization's 2017 Alabama Poverty Data Sheet reports that 18.5 percent of Alabama citizens are below the poverty line, and that 26.5 percent of Alabama children live in poverty. Learn more here.
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