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January 2015


Top Tips For Your New Tablets


            Now that the holidays have wound down, you may be staring at a panoply of unopened gadgets and tablets gifted to you by your children looking for new ways to stay connected throughout the year. While new technology can be a wonderful way to connect with family, friends, and enjoying books and games, it can also be a daunting experience for some of us.


            When checking out a new tablet some things to keep in mind are cost, it is lightweight and portable, does it include a front and back camera, allow users to connect to the internet, use email, play games and listen to music, and access and read e-books.


            Another thing to consider is technical support. Many different companies will offer free technical support via online or by telephone, "how-to" videos and tutorials, and classes to help learn how to use the device. Also, often your local communities and senior centers will offer classes to help learn how to operate new gadgets.


            The touch-screen interfaces of tablets is often easy to learn to use but some find that using a sponge tip stylus pen is easier, or attaching a small keyboard to type on. If typing on the screen proves more difficult, you can consider using speech recognition instead.


            It also may prove helpful to adjust the font to a larger size so words are more easily visible. Most tablets offer this in their settings under the Accessibility features. 


            Here is a link to 50 more detailed tips in adjusting and using Apple's iPad. Covering everything from customizing your Home Screen to getting more from built-in apps like Mail and Safari.


            If you have yet to receive or purchase a new tablet but are thinking about it, listed below are some different tablets to consider:  

  1. AARP's RealPad - At $189, this lightweight tablet offers 24/7 customer service, a fix-it button that can analyze what is wrong if the device isn't working correctly, how-to videos, and a one year AARP membership paid by Rosetta Stone;
  2. Apple's iPad - Between $250 and $500, this tablet is more expensive than most but offers extensive customer support online, by telephone, and in store;
  3. Samsung Tablet - This tablet is priced averagely between $180 and $329. It allows multiple users with personalized pages and you can also control your television right from your tablet.

            Whatever tablet you received or are looking to purchase, the important thing to remember is ease of use. Removing the barriers that prevent older people from fully embracing technology will lead to opportunities to stay more in sync with loved ones and their communities.



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