Update on Topamax (topiramate)
Any time we can help prevent harm from befalling our patients, we take the opportunity.  To that end, we would like to inform you about an important drug warning from Janssen, the makers of Topamax (topiramate).
This anti-seizure and migraine medication has been prescribed to my patients for quite some time.  However, the medication comes with a recently observed potential visual side effect. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, LLC states;
Visual field defects have been reported in patients receiving toprimate independent of elevated intraocular pressure. In clinical trials, most of these events were reversible after toprimate discontinuation. If visual problems occur at any time during toprimate treatment, consideration should be given to discontinuing the drug.
If you are taking this medication, we will monitor you during your annual comprehensive eye examination and additional testing will be required.
Helping you maintain excellent vision,
The Doctors and Staff of Suburban Eye Care