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April 2016


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How much Tylenol should I give my child?

This is a common question from our families. For your reference, below is a link to the dosage table for Tylenol and Ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin). 


April is Autism Awareness Month!

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics [AAP], autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are one of the most common developmental disorders among children. Autism has to do with the brain developing differently. The cause of ASD is unknown, however genetics may be a factor. No two cases of autism are exactly alike.
Who helps & supports kids with autism and their families?
Sometimes  figuring out if a child has autism can be difficult. There is no cure for autism, but doctors, therapists, and special education teachers can help. Services are provided by every county's Early Intervention Program in Pennsylvania between ages birth to 5 years old.
  • Parents can contact PA's CONNECT Helpline: 1-800-692-7288, with questions and concerns about their child's development. (This helpline assists families in locating resources and providing information regarding child development for children ages birth to 5. CONNECT can assist parents by making a direct link to their county early intervention program or local preschool early intervention program.)
from the Centers for Disease Control [CDC].

Patient Information Update
It is important that every time you come to the office that you let us know if any of your child's information  has changed, including home address, email information, and an accurate phone number.
April 22nd is Earth Day!
Enjoy Earth Day this year as a family! You can do a craft with recycled egg cartons or paper towel rolls, play a recycling game, or go for a hike! You can also talk about what makes Earth Day so important.

Explaining Earth Day to Kids: 
  • Earth Day is a day each year when we remind ourselves how important the Earth is.
  • We practice what we need to do to keep the Earth clean and healthy. 
  • To protect life on our planet, we can:
  • REDUCE  (don't waste food or water)
  • REUSE everyday items (by making playhouses out of cardboard, for example)
  • RECYCLE  bottles, paper, cardboard, and all kinds of other things.
Click here and here for kid-friendly Earth Day coloring pages!

Insurance Reminders
  • Please remember to notify us if your insurance has changed.
  • Remember to bring your insurance card to every visit.
  • Remember to add your newborn to your insurance policy back to their date of birth. 
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