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August 2015


back to school Before you know it
the kids will be back at school!

Please call and make your child's physical or

sports exam now!

Call 215-638-0555


How-To: Referrals

rotary phone
  • Call the office at 215-638-0555 and press 5.
  • Leave your request on the TP referral line. Note you will need to leave the following information:
    • Your full name
    • A telephone where we can reach you if we have questions
    • Your child's full name
    • Child's Date of Birth
    • Type of Insurance
    • The doctor or facility where you need the referral
    • The date of the upcoming appointment
  • Please note that the office needs 2-3 working days notice to have referral prepared and ready.

School Bus Safety

Did you know that over 20 million kids take the bus to school each year? School buses are built to be very safe, but kids have a responsibility in and around buses! Whether it's waiting at the bus stop, riding the bus, or getting on and off, there are things kids can do to stay safe.

 Bus Safety Tips for Kids:

  • Kids should stand 3 "big steps" (6 feet) back from the road while they wait at the bus stop.
  • No running or playing with balls near the bus stop.
  • When the bus pulls up, wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before approaching.
  • Talk quietly on the bus and don't distract the driver. 

For more information about keeping kids safe as they

get onto and off of the bus, click here.

Encourage Good Homework Habits
  • Have a bright and quiet place to do homework.
  • Make homework part of your child's daily routine: same time and place every day!
  • Keep homework supplies within easy reach of the work area.
  • Offer support and help but let your child try the work first.
  • "Kids spend the first several years learning to read, and the rest of the lives reading to learn." Read with your children, and set a good example by reading yourself!

 Click here for more tips for your child's success in school


Insurance Reminders
  • Please remember to notify us if your insurance has changed.
  • Remember to bring your insurance card to every visit.
  • Remember to add your newborn to your insurance policy back to their date of birth. 
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