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February 2016


February is American Heart Month

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the US. Your heart is a muscle and it needs exercise to keep it healthy! The American Heart Association  recommends that people under the age of 20 years get at least 6 0 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity every day. Anything that gets you and your kids moving that you enjoy is the perfect way to exercise your heart. Stay "heart healthy" with the whole family by following all of the Simple 7 Aspects of Heart Health:
    1. Avoid smoke and tobacco products
    2. Be physically active every day
    3. Eat a heart-healthy diet
    4. Keep a healthy weight
    5. Keep your blood pressure healthy
    6. Keep your total cholesterol healthy
    7. Keep your blood sugar healthy
Click here for a printable kid-friendly guide to the S imple 7 Aspects of Heart Health.
It's not too late
to protect against the flu!
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Keep Kids' Smiles Healthy!
February is also National Children's Dental Health Month! Here are some dental health tips provided by the
American Dental Association [ADA]:
  • Brush 2 minutes, 2 times per day
  • Floss between teeth daily
  • Limit snacks, eat healthy meals
  • Visit the dentist regularly


Click here to learn more about keeping kids' smiles healthy from the ADA.

Click here for preschooler-friendly dental hygiene activities

from Sesame Street, including printable coloring book pages!


Insurance Reminders
  • Please remember to notify us if your insurance has changed.
  • Remember to bring your insurance card to every visit.
  • Remember to add your newborn to your insurance policy back to their date of birth. 
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