August 22, 2017

The purpose of TouchStones is to  announce the special events or transitions that give our lives
In this way we  share with our Unity Community the news; for we can rejoice with each other, support each other in prayer and provide  information to those on our Newsletter list.

If you have news you wish to share please  email Unity of Prescott, 
Birth, Marriage, Anniversary, Graduation, Illness, Prayer Support, Transition, etc.
Congregant and/or individual related to congregant.
The Prayer of Faith
God is my help in every need;
God does my every hunger feed;
God walks beside me, guides my way
Through every moment of this day.
I now am wise, I now am true,
Patient and kind, and loving, too;
All things I am, can do, and be,
Through Christ the Truth, that is in me.
God is my health, I can't be sick;
God is my strength, unfailing, quick;
God is my all, I know no fear,
Since God and Love and Truth are here.

By Hannah More Kohaus
Prayer Support Requested...
Please hold the highest and best good for all in your 
thoughts and prayers...
Continued Prayers for 

Glenna Bissegger and her son Kenny
Ann Moseley and Barb Mure
Bea Lee
Irene Danon

From Left to right,  Lilleeann Harwood_ Antonio Villa_ Allison Stella_ Jules Mendoza

Move Up Sunday
August 13, 2017
Our Youth of Unity are  graduating  and or moving up a grade. 
Lilleeann and Allison are moving Up to Uni Tweens 3-5th grades
Antonio is Graduating and
Jules is moving up to YOU 9-12th grade

We  congratulate them and know that they are divinely guided for their highest and most auspicious endeavors.
Of Note...
Richard Rogers and Bea Lee have been friends for many years.  Bea helped in the manifestation of the Unity church in Phoenix.
Remember you can call Silent Unity anytime 24/7.