Colorado Mudders get high (11,400 ft)


Big Mudder had something extra for Colorado Mudders on June 25/26th at Beaver Creek: a summit elevation of 11,400 feet. Base elevation was 8,100 feet, and there was total elevation change of over 4,250. Check out more photos here.  


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Walk in the Park

Tough Mudder has been nominated for SportsTravel's 2011 Best Event Series (Amateur Event). Let's face it, what is better than a 10-mile military-style obstacle course whose participants have raised over $1.7 million dollars for the Wounded Warrior Project?? Please vote now to help us win this important award.

Obstacle contest winner announced
America's Next Top Obstacle Clip  

Big respect to Natalie Price, winner of Tough Mudder's America's Next Top Obstacle contest, for her obstacle "Armageddon." By beating out over 75 other designs, she won $10,000 and apparently her picture in the local paper. Click here for a video of her winning design. 
Vermont 2012 registration open
  Tough Mudder Vermont 2012 Map
Tough Mudder Vermont 2012 is going down on Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th 2012, at Mount Snow, VT. Last year's event sold out well in advance, so be sure to sign up now so that you have something to motivate you to get out of bed all winter.


A lifetime (literally) of memories 
Tough Mudder Tattoo

Some people need help remembering things. Like wallets, keys, small children in parking lots, and um, Big Mudder. If you get a tattoo of the Tough Mudder logo, we'll give you free entry into the Tough Mudder of your choice. Plus, you'll look like a serious bad-ass and always have a conversation starter (". . . yeah, 10,000 volts. Where did I meet your daughter, oh at school.")  



Current cost of becoming a badass:
Dates Sat. CostSun. Cost
NorCalSept. 17 & 18Sold Out$130
Texas CentralOct. 8 & 9$140$120
VirginiaOct. 22 & 23Sold Out$110
Tri-StateNov. 12 & 13$130$110
IndianaNov. 19 & 20$110$90
FloridaDec. 3 & 4$120$110

For a complete listings of all events, including 2012 events, click here

What would you do for 24hrs of WTM?
What would you do to win free entry into World's Toughest Mudder? Send a video of yourself doing something truly bad ass to and you could find yourself participating in a 24 hour nonstop Tough Mudder event December 17/18 in New Jersey.
World's Toughest Mudder
World's Toughest Mudder
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Nature or nurture? (See you in 18 years.)




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Corinne Kohlen

: She has survived a gunshot wound, Portuguese Man-O-War, and Tough Mudder SoCal. Now she's registered for World's Toughest Mudder.  Read More>>

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"I felt like I got my ass kicked by the ice-man and then he kicked me in the nuts for good measure."
-TM CO finisher

"I was so tired and excited to finish, I couldn't feel a thing even though it [electroshock therapy] took me down, I got right back up.
-TM CO finisher

"It was awesome. It was so great to run with all of the folks from around the country and world. By far the best time I've had since moving to Colorado and for the best cause."
      -TM CO finisher.

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