• Tour Master Advanced jackets for men and women are reduced in price by $40, but only through February 28th.  We throw in our $16 Loyalty Credit to make the deal even sweeter.  This is a limited time sale and the best sizes will go fast! 

  • Impressive new jacket from Tour Master, see our review below!

Great three season jacket, perfect for wet and cool spring riding.  The jacket is waterproof but has great venting features .  And for cold temps the jacket has a removable full-sleeve thermal liner. 

MSRP $199.99

And we also throw in our $16 Loyalty Gift Card!
Impressive new jacket from Tour Master!
Tour Master’s Pivot jacket is pretty darn neat. I’ve seen LOTS of permutations on the mythical “four season jacket”, one that will be comfortable in nearly all weather conditions, and to date, none are prefect, but this one comes as close as any I’ve seen to date, and at the price point of $250 retail, that’s a pretty big accomplishment for Tour Master.  

The main feature with the Pivot is in the “conversion” from a solid textile jacket to a part-mesh jacket. If you take a look at our close-up pictures you will see two panels on the chest and one in the rear that unzip and then fold down into a hidden compartment below to reveal mesh panels to allow a great deal of air flow. I’ve seen other designs with removable panels, but that setup gets complicated and it also requires you to keep up with said panels long term.   The second part of this design which helps you navigate the non-hot summer days is the dual liner setup. Two removable liners are included which can be used on a mix/match basis. We found that the jacket works well with the thermal liner OR the rain liner or both .

I also like the adjustable neck closure on the collar and also that you can pin it back if you don’t want to completely button up the jacket around your neck. Neat!  (more)
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