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Winter, 2013

The Arezza Network of Sustainable Communities provides training and management solutions with the objective of creating new business opportunities around the world.


In collaboration with local governments, CVBs and nonprofit organizations, we develop and manage public private partnerships projects in:

Local Knowledge and Global Reach 

Tourism Marketing & Management

There is a ready market for your community's products and services via the Arezza Network of Sustainable Communities in the Americas, Europe and developing nations. Our partnerships with CVBs, local businesses and other interested parties, are:

  1. capitalized with products and services, 
  2. construed as mutually non-exclusive working relationships which may be terminated at any time.

Partner contributions are utilized for marketing, advertising, training and other initiatives to promote your community's brand. 


Connect with Tema to know more about it. 

Personalized Professional Development

Your next step in sustainability training is a unique hands-on educational experience in the US Mid-Atlantic States region.  


An opportunity to meet your peers and potential clients


SET Logo Professional Enrichment Programs designed to update and complete training in your areas of expertise with classroom, online and work-study programs with government and nonprofit officials.


Contact SET for a personalized travel and training program in your areas of interest and expertise. 

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in the Americas, Europe and Developing Nations
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