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Dear Friends,


On April 25th I'd like to invite you to join local social service agencies and your neighbors to discuss issues of great importance. 


Governor Rauner's budget cuts offer a unique opportunity for us to look at the current criminal justice system with new eyes and think about how to do things differently. Governor Rauner wants to cut spending, and there is a unique opportunity for programs concerning criminal justice, because in the long run Criminal Justice programs cut costs and save money.


The proposed budget is just a starting point. With a Democratic controlled Senate and House there is going to be much debate. 


How do these cuts affect you, your neighbors and your community?  I want to provide an overview of upcoming legislation, budgetary issues, and how you can get involved as volunteers and how to rally support around specific legislation. 

For more information call my office office at (773) 784-2002. I hope to see you there.