Town Meeting Videos
8 meetings in one day!
Thanks to the hard work of BCTV's field and production staff, all of the town meeting videos are available on demand after only 24 hours, complete with agenda timecodes to make viewing easier (scroll down to find your town). Vernon's second meeting is tonight and will be available online later this week. Find playout times for channel 10 here

The 8th video - Brattleboro Selectboard Meeting 3/7/17
Brattleboro voted in new Selectboard members (congrats to Brandie and Tim), and also held its regular 1st Tuesday of the month Selectboard Meeting. Brattleboro's Representative Town Meeting will be on Saturday, March 25.
Brattleboro Selectboard Meeting 3/7/17 - yesterday's 8th meeting video!
Brattleboro Selectboard Meeting 3/7/17 - the 8th meeting video of March 7!

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Upcoming Board Meeting
The next BCTV Board meeting will be Wednesday, March 22 at 6:00 PM in Room 305 of the Brattleboro Municipal Center. Meetings are regularly held on the third Wednesday of the month at 6 PM, and are open to the public. Please call 257-0888 to confirm. 

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