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Saint Germain Town Board
Community Outreach Message #1
Welcome to the first of the Town of Saint Germain's new community outreach messages.  The Town Board believes that you, as property owners and/or residents of the town, should have better access to the workings of the board than is accomplished simply by the board adhering to the open meetings and open records laws.  We will periodically provide email messages to keep you abreast of board happenings.   Most of the messages will be short.  Many will refer you to the town's new website for additional information.

The website (, launched in April of 2016, is and will remain a work in progress.   It currently consists of 22 pages, any of which can be accessed from the navigation bar appearing on every page.  The contents of the 22 pages currently include over 50 images and links to over 800 onsite documents.   The website is updated frequently, often several times per week.  We hope you will check it out and share your comments and suggestions with any of the board members.  Our contact information is displayed on the "Elected & Appointed Officials" page.

You may remove yourself from the mailing list for these messages at any time by utilizing the "Unsubscribe" feature at the bottom of the message.  You may also forward messages to anyone you wish to by using the "Forward" feature.  Anyone wishing to be added to the mailing list must request such via email to with a first and last name and an email address.

Messages coming soon will include information on:
  1. The status of the Lost Creek culvert replacement on Big St. Germain Drive.
  2. Action being taken by the board to evaluate the Community Center and Red Brick Schoolhouse in preparation for recommending how (or if) each building might best be used.
  3. Progress on development and enforcement of a "Code of Ordinances".
  4.  Introduction of a new Public Works employee.
In the meantime, please be reminded of the annual fall special town elector meeting to review the town budget and establish the tax levy to be assessed in December (payable during 2017).  That meeting is scheduled for 7:00pm, November 29 at the Community Center.

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving,
Your St. Germain Town Board

Town Board Members

Town Chairperson - Tom Christensen
Supervisor 1 -  Ted Ritter
Supervisor 2 - John Vojta
Supervisor 3 - Doug Olson
Supervisor 4 -  Jim Swenson


Town Clerk 

Animal Control