We don't know where this picture was taken, but it's a beauty, isn't it?


With regrets, we have officially cancelled the 2017 C&O/GAP ride, planned for mid September,  due to not meeting the minimum number of registrants.  All plans have been cancelled for this year.

No doubt there are a number of circumstances that kept interested people from signing up this year.  

We will be developing a survey to be distributed this spring. This will provide us with important information which will allow us to determine if we will continue offering this grand experience.   We look forward to hearing your thoughts at that time.    The RTWC Board thanks Keith Workman, who has organized this ride for the last four years, and for his efforts in preparing the same for 2017.  Stay tuned for our survey, which will be followed by a decision regarding a ride in 2018. 

John Lorson's ART WALK

Thurs., February 2, 6:00 p.m. at Heartland Point in downtown Orrville.

John will be leading an "Art Walk and Talk" through his  entire photo exhibit as a fundraiser for Orrville's Heartland Trail.

He'll stop in front of each shot and talk about where he found the scene, what inspired him and even some specifics about what went into the shot. It should be a lot of fun for a great cause!

Your $10 will go toward the ongoing construction of the Heartland Trail.

You can CLICK HERE to pre-register. 

Our Equestrian Friends
So Many Ways to Enjoy Trails

Elsie Zuercher, member of the Ohio Horseman's Council, Wayne County Chapter, sent us some great photographs from local and area trails.

Thank you, Elsie!  Hope to see you on the trails again soon.

Special Holiday Gifts
for People Like Us 
If you are a trail enthusiast in any way, people may tend to select gifts for you that will make your outings all the better.  Gear, clothing, and accessories are often popular.   Here are three samples of gifts people received for Christmas.

Look what Stefanie Boreman
 found under her tree! 

Becky Jewell's family made sure she
has a new shirt for riding and a pillow
for when she rests - which we know isn't very often.

Jenni Reusser received this lovely wooden wall plaque as a gift for her January birthday.
Let's Talk Trails 
All Aboard for the second annual County Line Trail 5K and Rainbow Run on April 22, 2017! The event is even better this year with a 5K, Rainbow Run, AND a 10K!  In addition to the running festivities, the popular County Line Trail Family Fair will also return with more vendors and booths! You can register and find more information by clicking the link below.
Ohio-to-Erie Wayfinding Signs in Apple Creek
Installation of Signs Coming Soon

On a cold and windy January day, Mayor Betty Keener and Street Superintendent Dale Orr met with Heartland Trail Manger Becky Jewell to determine the location of the Ohio-to-Erie wayfinding sign which will be placed in Apple Creek this year.

This is the current route through Wayne County which will be used until the southern section of Heartland Trail has been constructed, ultimately connecting Orrville to Fredericksburg.   

Turtles on the Trails
Jay Williams sent us this picture from last May, on the Sippo Valley Trail.

We spotted this picture on John Lorson's Facebook page, shared by Vernon Virgili, who found this snapper on the Kokosing Trail in late January.  

RTWC Board Members
President: Don Noble II, Shreve   
Vice President: Ted Short, Wooster 
Secretary:  Katie VanZile, Orrville 
Treasurer: David L. Lehman, Orrville 



Tom Bahl, Shreve           Susan Baker, Creston    Pat Glessner, Sterling                        
Phil Grimm,  Kidron        Becky Jewell, Orrville     Jenni Reusser, Orrville

Keith Winkler, Sterling    Keith Workman, Orrville