Access 950+ goal-based workouts.
With over 950 ready-to-go challenging workouts, American Iron Gym’s IronBuilder Plus access has a workout for you. With everything from Bodyweight Bootcamp to Bodybuilding and Sports Conditioning to Cellulite Shrinker, American Iron Gym’s IronBuilder guides you through each exercise with images, tips, video and audio-coaching.
Choose a Goal to get started today.
Drag & Drop to build your own workouts.
With over 7,000 male & female exercise images & videos, you've got access to the world's largest exercise & video library to build your own sessions.
Just choose a body part and equipment, then drag & drop to build your completely customized session to perform and add to your My Workouts library.
Track your exercises, workouts and body stats.
Keeping track  of your exercise and body stats progress are successful motivation tools.
Log reps, sets, weight and cardio tracking  to keep your exercise history at your fingertips to make sure you're progressing.
Take before/after photos, use the body measurement tools such as the weight tracker, and perform important body stat calculations such as BF %, BMI, healthy weight and target heart rate.
Share, print and get social.
Share workouts with friends and get their logs back. Receive workouts to get challenged by others. With American Iron Gym’s IronBuilder Share Workout feature, your friends & family get rich, interactive workout sessions and challenges.
Print Workout is an amazing way to get complete workouts with images, tips, tracking and video links to a printable PDF that you can take with you. Just fold it up and put in your pocket.
Every workout log can be posted to your Facebook wall and Twitter feed along with the interactive PDF. Let your friends know how you're using American Iron Gym’s IronBuilder to get and stay in shape, directly posting the session for them to try out on their own.

        Follow a precise day by day, week by week plan.
Got a specific goal in mind and want to dedicate yourself to reaching it? Our Fitness Plans will guide you for months at a time, letting you know what workout to perform each day, at what intensity.
Strength Builder, Weight Loss, Complete Core, Total Body, Mass Builder & Muscle Confusion are some of the most popular plans that guide you on getting amazing results.

    We’ll do the counting for you.
FitnessClass gives you access to over 370 full-length real-time workout videos from over 70 of the world's best instructors.
With a ClassPass, you can play any class on the web, iPad or Android as well as connect to your Apple TV. This is truly the anytime trainer with anywhere access.
    You are mobile, and so is American Iron Gym’s IronBuilder.
Building workouts and seeing progress from a large computer screen is great. But when you workout, you're mobile. So make sure to download the full-featured iOS or Android apps once you've registered here.
The Web and mobile apps sync together. Build workouts online and they'll backup and sync to your mobile phone. Enabling you to track workouts in the gym.

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