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Tuesday, April 5, 2011
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What's holding you back? What do you need now? Learn how to assess and move forward!


Bettye Zoller
Zings As Multi-Award Winning

... voice talent, audiobook narrator, voice-over trainer, audio engineer, producer, director and vocalist.

... educator who has served on many university faculties and conducts voice-over workshops worldwide.

... teacher of Bettye Zoller monthly voice-over webinars presented by

Bettye Zoller's Webinars 'Tell It Like It Is' ...

"One of the legends of our business." - Backstage West magazine

"What Bettye Zoller doesn't know about voice-overs isn't worth knowing!" - Amy Stoller, New York City

"Bettye's audiobook knowledge is deep and thorough. She has the experience that many others teaching this today don't." - Kelly Martin, New Orleans

"I wouldn't have my career in voice-overs if not for Bettye Zoller." - Scott Feighner, Houston

"The great thing about these webinars is you can download the recordings if you're enrolled to attend. That's great. Don't miss Bettye Zoller, ever!" - Mitch Conklin, Dallas

"Bettye started me in my career, and has helped me all along the way." - Amanda Martin, Chicago

"The best seminar I ever attended!" - Michael Serrapico, Dallas

"Her webinar was great. Relaxed and informal, yet very informative. She doesn't sugarcoat anything - tells it like it is, and answered many questions about this complex business." - Pearl Hewitt, Houston


I'm often haunted by a worry that I could be - SHOULD be - doing something different to move my voice over career forward.


Like ... what do I need to learn now? What new direction to take? And what's the best way for ME to learn?


Do you feel that way sometimes, too?


Well, help is on the way on Tuesday night, April 5, when top coach Bettye Zoller delivers Training Tips: How To Study Smarter! - an info-packed webinar from VoiceOverXtra.


Note: This is not about WHO to study with. Rather, you will learn how to assess WHAT is best for you now, and how to PROCEED. 


If you've attended a Bettye Zoller webinar, you know that they are jam packed with info and resources.


And all registered attendees will receive a free recording of the entire event (very handy if you can't attend the live session).


Let's learn together on April 5!

VOX logoTo Your Success,
John Florian



learn signBettye asks:


"What do you need to learn now to improve as a voice talent, and be more successful? Do you know? How can you find out?"


It begins with Self-Assessment. It includes recognizing and learning:

  • What types of auditions and jobs do you win most easily?
  • What types of voice over jobs leave you clueless?
  • Are you confident in setting rates, pricing jobs, finding job sources, agents, working the online marketplaces?
  • Is your accent or dialect holding you back?
  • Have you spent money on training that did little good for you?
  • What have you learned from past mistakes?
  • What's your individual learning style?
  • Have you tried online learning or tele-learning options?
  • Can you spot training scams?
  • Do you know how to learn at home, through research and practice?

In this webinar, you will learn how to put all those answers and more together to set your next best direction!


Tuition to attend this career-changing live event
and receive a full recording is just $44.95.

Enjoy a free recording of the entire webinar to download to your computer ... in case you can't attend the live event ... and for future reference to learn from again at your convenience.
WEBINAR TIME: Tuesday, April 5, 2011 ...

9P Eastern ... 8P Central ... 7P Mountain ... 6P Pacific


  • Just sign in by computer and/or phone
  • Listen and follow the training on your computer screen
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