June 2014

Welcome to the new format of the Anchor Associates monthly newsletter. I hope that you find our New York City living and real estate tips interesting, as I am always eager to help you navigate this "urban jungle" we call home! 
Balcony Gardens
Just because you live in an apartment in the midst of a thriving metropolis, where outdoor space is at a premium, doesn't mean you can't grow a garden. You simply have to think outside the (planter) box!

Balcony gardens require creativity. Get some beautiful ceramic or faux-ceramic planters to fill with topsoil. Utilize empty space by building your garden in hanging pots. Trade some pretty flowers for functional tomato vines that can be easily trellised.

What you can actually grow on your balcony depends on how much sun you get, and how often. If your balcony is blessed with constant sunshine, you can grow everything from herbs and flowers to vegetables. But if your balcony is mostly shaded, don't despair -- you can still grow vegetables like salad greens (leaf lettuce and arugula), broccoli, cauliflower, peas, and radishes.

If you don't have space for a real lawn, lay down a bed of artificial grass for a lovely, bright-green garden base. (Best of all: no mowing or weeding required.) With a little imagination, a splash of color and atmosphere, a simple hangout on your balcony can feel like a luxurious plunge into a lush garden paradise. 

Garden on the Inside
Of course, many New York apartments don't have balconies, so you may need to get creative about gardening in your indoor space.

With a vertical gardening system, you can grow your garden right up the wall, like a living mural. You can purchase premade modular systems with easy drainage like the Minigarden -- or build your own, using wire screens or wooden shelving.   

If you have an old dresser you aren't using anymore, take out the drawers, fill with topsoil, and place them in a part of the apartment that gets a lot of sun exposure from the windows. You can have a gorgeous flower bed right in your living room!

Starter seed kits can be planted in all kinds of containers, from old jewelry boxes to metal tins. These space-efficient mini-gardens will fit on window sills, kitchen countertops, tabletops, or shelves -- and they add a ton of atmosphere to any indoor area.

New York Population Boom
A recent report by the New York City planning department states that NYC has undergone a massive population boom since 2010, adding more than 215,000 new residents. Some facts to consider:
  • The majority of this upswell went to Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.
  • Only 21,688 new housing units were constructed between 2010 and 2013 -- for an influx of 215,000 new residents. 
  • The greater the population, the more competitive the housing market will be in coming years, leading to higher prices for both buyers and renters. The longer you wait, the more expensive a property will become.    

As demand increases, sellers can look forward to a rich market of consistently rising prices. But if you're looking to buy or rent, now is the best time to find your next home -- before the prices start really skyrocketing. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through my newsletter. I look forward to connecting with you soon. 

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