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September 8, 2016

Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (TCRPC)
Coordinating Transit and Economic Prosperity Study for Region
Lansing, MI- The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (TCRPC) is pleased to announce that we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of our region's transit needs with funding from the Michigan Department of Transportation. This is combined with funding from the Greater Lansing Regional Prosperity Initiative, the region's Community Development Collaborators and the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Committee.

This study will look in-depth at where there is a demand for regional transit service, how these trips may be added, and at what cost. It will also show the financial loss to our regional economy given the limits of the current network. What is the potential for increased economic success if we had a robust and efficient cross-county transit network? There is particular interest in determining the economic growth that could be generated if there were increased connections among communities within the Greater Lansing Region. Would there be an increase of people moving to the region if there was an efficient cross-county transit network (i.e. getting workers to their place of employment)? What is the economic loss to our region if the current system is not meeting the needs of the millennial and boomer generations?

TCRPC coordinates and facilitates transportation planning and major investments for the Tri-County Region, which includes Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties. On average, more than $125 million of transportation funding is coordinated annually through the TCRPC Transportation Planning Program.

Our region's comprehensive transportation plans include a four-year short-range investment plan (Transportation Improvement Program) and 20-year long-range plan (2040 Regional Transportation Plan). These two documents outline federal- and state-funded transportation projects. They recognize the importance of long-term, data-driven, and thoughtful investments in our transportation network. This assures our future health, prosperity, and sustainability. Both documents are available at

TCRPC invited and evaluated bids and a nationally-recognized transportation engineering firm, the Corradino Group, has been selected for the project. Working closely with TCRPC transportation and economic development planners, as well as state and local transportation agencies, they will complete the study by early spring 2017. The result will be an analysis of unmet transit needs in the region-particularly related to our economic prosperity. The study will provide the Region with data-driven decision-making to improve the transportation network throughout the Region.

For more information about the Transit Demand and Economic Prosperity Study, please contact TCRPC Executive Director Susan M.C. Pigg, CEcD at or 517.393.0342 x14.


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