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Welcome to the November issue of the Arezza Network of Sustainable Communities  E-News Global Edition.  
October Issue Highlights
The Arezza Network - Local Editions
Focus on Museums
Green Initiatives
I Wanna Tell You a Story
Social Enterprise Marketplace
The Arezza Network - Local Editions

If you are in one of our local areas or want to reach out to local consumers, business, nonprofit or government, email your ideas, projects and other information for insertion in a local area e-news:


Metro Washington DC    Naples Sicily & Southern Italy  


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Rome & Central Italy    Dusseldorf     Croatia


Philadelphia & Delaware Valley

Focus on Museums

 FIT Museum and Cultural Tours Available Year Round


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 Taking your Visitor Services Skills to the Next Level


Visitor Services and frontline staff, this symposium is for you!  A Museum Council of Philadelphia sponsored event!


Branding Environments


Graphic Design and Production to Develop, Design & Promote Your Message

Green Initiatives

Sustainable Tourism and Renewable Energy


Fall Gardening Tips


How to Host an Event or Conference 


I Wanna Tell You a Story


Present a true story, event or comment from your community: Submit yours!


A Tale of Two Ships and the Leadership Factor

Crisis, Accountability and Responsibility

Social Enterprise Marketplace


Online Social Enterprise

Buy with Heart

Online Social Enterprise Marketplace 

Our mission is to promote entrepreneurs and sustainable projects in your community


Your small business is in search of  new demand for its products and services in an era of economic stagnation. The interaction among the Arezza communities generates new clients and opportunities for you.

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 Travel Destinations
Personalized Arts, Culture, Eco and Local Cuisine Travel Programs
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Venice & Veneto Food and Wine Tours
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Sustainable Tourism in Wisconsin



Rotterdam Museums & Walking Tours


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Sustainability Sicilian Style


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