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October 15, 2017

Travel in Like Company 
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Here are some recent blog posts:

Why Work with 
a Travel Advisor

Last week, my partners at Vision hosted Tauck Tours in Toronto. 

If you like travel events, kindly mark your calendars for 2 coming up in Ottawa - on Oct. 24th, I'll host  Intrepid Travel to focus on "foodie travel." On Nov.14th, I'll host a Caribbean fundraiser at Shepherd's Fashions

More on those upcoming events next week. But - it's important to keep in mind that you should always "travel in like company." If you like Tauck's style of travel, you should travel with them. If you like foodie travel, you should travel with a company that focuses on foodie tours. If you want sun and sand, you should travel to the best sun and sand. You should "travel in like company,' and you should work with a travel advisor, like me, who works with clients. like you. to get the vacation that's right for you.

The Tauck event held in Toronto this week was great. And the show offer that emanated from that gathering is one I can happily extend to all of my valued clients, regardless on whether you were able to attend in person. More details on the offer below (and it's a very rich offer, so if you're thinking of traveling with Tauck over the next year or two, let's chat!) See  Tauck offer

I'd mentioned in last week's ezine how much I really do love working with Tauck. I am a certified Tauck advisor, so that means something to me.  
See last week's article here. Tauck is really the best at what they do, and they value the client's experience. I had an issue arise with clients last week. First up, let me say that issues ALWAYS arise in travel. I spend probably a quarter of my week dealing with client issues that arise when they travel (which is why you should always work with a travel advisor, and have someone who is advocating on your behalf.)  But when I work with a company like Tauck, there are rarely issues. And if and when issues do arise, Tauck deals with them quickly, and they always put the client's experience first. They did that last week too.  To me, the hallmark of a high quality travel supplier is how they address issues. And, Tauck is indeed the highest of the high.

I love that Tauck stresses that you should always   "travel in like company."  I will never put someone on a Tauck trip if I don't believe it is the right company for you. but, that's part of what I do as a travel advisor - making sure I match you with the right company, tour, river cruise, guides, etc. 

I am your travel 'master chef' - so I pick the 'ingredients' (i.e., cruise, tour, guides, etc) from my 'kitchen' (travel partners) to make the right 'meal' (travel experience) for you. So, part of my relationship and discussions with clients is figuring out what's right for you - and sometimes, that means what's right for you, right now. Sometimes, you'll take a Regent cruise, and the next time a Royal Caribbean. Sometimes, you'll do a Big Five bespoke trip to Africa, and sometimes you'll do an Exodus group trip. You're not stuck with a particular style of travel. 

We all have preferences, but, it's what's right for you, right now.

Please give me a call (613-837-0699) or shoot me an email at , and we'll schedule a time to review your needs and interests, and get the right travel experience for you!  

Remember the 4 A's I promise if you work with me? Advice, Access, Accountability, and Advocacy. See  blog article  .   

Let's schedule your dream vacation planning call today!

Best regards
Take advantage of this amazing offer
We recently held an event to educate our clients and their friends on Tauck and their inspirational approach to travel.  As part of that event we featured a special offer for anyone who was interested in making a reservation for a 2018 Tauck journey or river cruise. 
Many clients expressed an interest in attending but were not able to make it that day so we have decided to extend the offer to any clients that we think would enjoy a Tauck journey or river cruise. 
Please take a few minutes to watch the video and let me know if you are interested in discussing Tauck further and taking advantage of this unique offer.  Tauck really does have service that sets the standard.

Book now and take advantage of 
Lush Life's/ Vision Travel's 

Book a Tauck journey of your choice for travel in 2018 and receive 
  • 2 Complimentary Hotel nights.
  • FREE round trip transfers from your home to the airport
  • $150 Visa gift card
This limited time offer is available until 
October 25, 2017.

Remember, Tauck Tours has been around for over 90 years, and consistently wins awards as one of the world's best - whether it's their land tours, river cruises, small ship, or other travel experiences. Yet, very few Canadians know much about them - mostly because as a company, they've chosen to do very little advertising. Instead, they've chosen to deliver exceptional value and travel, and relay on their past passengers to spread word-of-mouth testimonials (and, of course, bring trusted advisors. like me. into the fold - to shout out how wonderful they are.)

I will feature some Tauck tours in the Vast section below - they do river cruises up right! But - they are so much more than just a river cruise company.. they do land tours, small ship cruising. BBC Earth journeys, American Journeys inspired by documentary film-maker Ken Burns, and special events. See a sampling here.  vast

But - they are the best at river cruising!

Here's a snippet video of my husband on our Tauck family river cruise this summer - . (Kindly note, this was a category 4, french balcony cabin.)

SOLO TRAVELER ALERT - every category 1 (lead in cabin) on Tauck river cruises, all sailings, are offered without a solo passenger supplement. the category 1 are the high window cabins. 

Here's a picture of my cruise director this summer. Carlos had kindly showed me his cabin This is what a high window cabin is like on a river cruise. It provides light, you can see out when you stand, when you look out you can see the waterline is below you, the window doesn't open, and when you lie in bed you are lying underneath the water line. This is a great value option

Upcoming Travel Events
Leverage my relationships to learn more
I have some terrific travel events coming up. 

Follow next week for more info, but mark your calendars.

1.) Ottawa - October 24th - Foodie Travel for Solos (&Others) - with Intrepid Tours and Sheila

2.) Ottawa - November 14th -  Caribbean Fundraiser  at Shepherd's Fashions

Lush Life Testimonials
Verified Virtuoso Client Testimonials
I love getting client reviews. Here's a terrific one from facebook from a valued client. (Thanks, Tim!)

See more verified testimonials here from my clients, check this out;
Contact me if you'd like to schedule a complimentary consultation.
Best regards,
My Recent Media Appearances 
More about why you should work with me!  
I was interviewed by Daytime Ottawa about the difference between a travel agent and a travel advisor. Plus, we talked about the explosion in adventure travel, and the show I was hosting at Shepherd's Fashions with  Viking River Cruises.  Have a watch!
Lush Life Travel visits Daytime Ottawa
Lush Life Travel visits Daytime Ottawa

I was also interviewed about the role of a travel advisor in the digital age in November. Give a listen to my interview with Carol Anne Meehan of 1310 radio in Ottawa from last month.  

I've appeared on Carol Anne Meehan's show again. I was interviewed about the emergence of adventure travel, particularly for solo travelers, as well as the Solo Travel Club I've created. My segment starts at 20:20. Give it a listen. 

And I was interviewed by Carol Anne about Irma, and traveling to the Caribbean. My segment starts at the  12:50. Give it a listen, and let me know if you have some thoughts on how we can work together to help the Caribbean. 

I also appeared on Daytime Ottawa this week to talk about sustainable tourism, as I'd noted above (including the link here too. Give it a watch.)
Of course, you can see more about the 4 A's of working with me:

Contact me if you'd like to schedule a complimentary consultation.  

Best regards,
Lush Life's Top 7 VAST Trips of Week vast
Virtuoso's Active & Specialty Travel Program

VAST, Virtuoso's Active and Specialty Travel program, offers you the chance to immerse yourself in authentic, life-changing moments and unique experiences provided by a select group of travel partners, taking you one step closer to our world's most captivating destinations and intriguing cultures. See new 2017 catalog here

An important aspect of VAST to remember: Only a Virtuoso travel advisor can be a VAST specialist, and only Virtuoso clients can be a VAST traveler who enjoys Virtuoso exclusive perks, upgrades and access. I am proud to be a VAST specialist.See more  here

Here are some terrific options to explore Virtuoso Active & Specialty Travel partners and do a Tauck trip! (Yes, Tauck is a VAST partner!)

3. Tauck Tours -   Antarctica - Small Ship Cruising

Let's Collaborate        
Work with a Virtuoso Travel Advisor   
Let's collaborate. (See blog )

The concept I like to promote to my clients is a  lush life I craft travel experiences that contain magic and wonder for the whole family (or a subset).

I've been doing this for 10 years  So, I have more than 10,000 hours under my belt that I can leverage to help you. See here. Before becoming a travel advisor, I was an actuary. I dealt a lot with conventional return on investment (ROI) before, and I deal hourly with  return on life (ROL)  now. It's as if I went from being a true actuary to a  happiness actuary .

I love that my whole role is about helping you  build memories . Whether it's a "fly n' flop" beach holiday, a Galapagos expedition, a family reunion safari, a family bonding/ biking trip with university-bound kids, or a couples' wine -themed river cruise, I focus on what you want to bring home from each trip .   It's all about  the experience . I am a travel masterchef - and I put together the ingredients (travel suppliers) to make the meal (travel experience) you desire. See here
Value is more important than price. Let's set up a complimentary consultation, so I can start helping create your Lush Life.  See more  here  Call me!


Sheila Gallant-Halloran
Vision Travel/ Lush Life