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"Let Food Be Thy Medicine"

November 2017

Jean Varney
Jeannie Varney
 Nutrition Consultant


Welcome to the Eat Right Be Fit Live Well monthly link roundup.
Each week I read many interesting articles relating to nutrition, fitness and wellness. Here are some of my favorites from the past month. While every article may not be relevant to your personal circumstance, I hope at least one will spark your interest and provide you with a healthy tip you can incorporate into your daily routine.  



Read This and You May Never Eat Chicken Again:   A must read if you eat chicken!!! "I discovered that the reason American chicken tastes so different from those I ate everywhere else was that in the United States ... we have been feeding chickens, and almost every other meat animal, routine doses of antibiotics on almost every day of their lives."  This is causing a major health crisis worldwide but specifically in the US. Choosing organic varieties will ensure you're not getting a mouthful of antibiotics in every bite.    (The Guardian)

Do Pesticides Get Into the Flesh of Fruits and Vegetables?  It's so disturbing that pesticides can penetrate the skin of produce. One more reason to buy organic. (NY Times)

What Is in Movie Theater Popcorn Butter?  Spoiler alert ... it's not butter. (

Are Honey Nut Cheerios Healthy? We Look Inside the Box:  Honey Nut Cheerios, like most breakfast cereals, are loaded with sugar.  Don't be fooled by the "whole oats" claim. A bowl of these tasty oats is more like a dessert than a wholesome breakfast. (NY Times)

Why Your Mouth Itches When You Eat Certain Foods in the Fall:  People with allergies to ragweed, trees and grasses may also suffer from oral allergy syndrome.  Avoid these fruits and vegetables during the spring and fall to prevent your mouth and throat from itching and/or your lips from swelling.  ( 

Why You Should Try Ditching Pasta for Veggie Spirals:  If you haven't tried these, do so ASAP. There's no tastier way to eat your veggies. Personally, I love the carrot "noodles" but the zoodles are great too. Blanch for a couple of minutes and top with your favorite marinara sauce. ( 

The FDA Will Decide Whether 26 Ingredients Count As Fiber:  Adding isolated fiber to junk food does not make it good for you.  Fiber enriched breakfast bars, cookies, cereals and yogurt are still highly processed and typically loaded with added sugar, refined flour and artificial sweeteners and flavors. Instead eat 25-30 grams of fiber a day from fruits, veggies, beans, lentils and whole intact grains.  (  

No Toothbrush? Eat One of These Foods:   What's not to love about these foods? They not only taste great but they also protect us from chronic disease while keeping our teeth clean. (

Strokes of Unkind Fate:  We know how to eliminate 80% of all premature deaths in this country but are we willing to do what is necessary? (Dr. David Katz MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, FACLM)

Could How You Sleep Be Linked to ADHD?  Treat ADHD with melatonin and a light machine?  Quite possibly yes! (WSJ)

'Unbelievable': Heart Stents Fail To Ease Chest Pain:  Do you really need that stent to relieve chest pain associated with blocked arteries?  Probably not. For most, cholesterol and BP lowering meds and lifestyle changes are far more effective than stents at reducing your risk for cardio vascular disease. (NY Times)

About Jean Varney 
Jean Varney is the founder and president of Eat Right, Be Fit, Live Well LLC, a health and nutrition consulting firm committed to empowering men and women to improve their health through sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle.  Based in the Washington DC metropolitan area, Jean coaches clients nationwide by phone and in person.  She focuses on helping individuals make smart choices about the foods they eat in order to maintain high energy levels, avoid unwanted weight gain and decrease their risk of heart disease, cancer, type II diabetes and other chronic illnesses.  Jean received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.  To learn more about her practice, please visit her website at: