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RSDM Docs Heal Patient Shot in Face
Patient Samuel Nyamwange (seated), Dr. Louis DiPede (left) and Dr. Gary Heir
After immigrating to the United States from Kenya, where he was a psychologist, Samuel Nyamwange worked as a parking attendant to make ends meet. One night on the job, he was shot in the face during a robbery.   Nyamwange survived, but the bullet shattered his teeth and jaw and destroyed the roof of his mouth. Find out how doctors from Rutgers University Dental Associates helped him. LEARN MORE
Vijay Parashar
Outstanding Investigator
Researcher Wins $1.6 Million in NIH Funds

Structural biologist Vijay Parashar last month received an NIH-NIGMS Outstanding Investigator award of $1.6 million for his research on bacterial signal transduction mechanisms. The award goes to "talented..promising" researchers pursuing "important breakthroughs,'' according to the NIH-NIGMS.    LEARN MORE 
Behavioral Science 
Alum Connects with Patients at NYC Practice

Dr. Shaun Massiah
Dr. Shaun Massiah majored in anthropology -- which  comes in handy when he's treating patients. "We try very hard in anthropology not to be judgmental," says Massiah, who graduated from RSDM in 1997. "You see people as they are, not as you want them to be."   LEARN MORE

Inquire Within
RSDM Seeks Volunteers to Share News about Jobs

We're looking for volunteers to spread the word about job opportunities for dental students and connect them with employers. Find out how you can help.   LEARN MORE

Volunteers at Back 2 School event
Good Works
RSDM Helps Local Kids Get Back 2 School

Students and faculty last month manned  the West Orange Back 2 School event, which helps underprivileged children choose clothing and supplies for the new school year. The event was sponsored by The National Council of Jewish Women, Essex section at B'nai Shalom Synagogue in West Orange. RSDM volunteers handed out free oral hygiene supplies and provided information on brushing, flossing and oral health to more than 500 children.