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Three evenings a week Shayna, a student in Astor's Residential Program, watches as a husband and wife clock in to begin their shift as members of our housekeeping team. 
Seeing the couple clean the school with such care to ensure it is clean and the floors spotless for the students made Shayna want to do something especially nice for them as a "thank you."
Shayna decided she would make a special dinner for the couple and Ruben, recreational specialist, who works with Shayna, gladly helped by doing the food shopping - a menu she put together. Shayna surprised the couple one evening with a beautiful candlelit dinner for two! Shayna was quite the chef and prepared a delicious chicken piccata with a side garden salad.
Ruben helped translate Shayna's message of thanks to the Spanish-speaking couple saying she sees them come in week after week to make sure the school is clean for her and her fellow pupils so she had wanted to do something nice to say thank you for all of their hard work.  The couple were so appreciative and were immediately brought to tears by her kindness. 
Even when you do not think you have anything to give, Shayna demonstrated that we all have the capacity to do so, through acts of kindness!