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Upcoming Association Meetings:

August 13th, 3:00pm - Hamilton Association - FBC Hico 
August 14th, 6:30 pm - Lampasas Association - FBC Kempner 
August 21st, 6:00 pm - Coryell Association - Turnersville Baptist Church 
August 24th, 10 am - Erath Association - Tarleton BSM Building 

Update on Purchase
of Flying P Ranch
Future Home of Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Retreat Center

August 2, 2017
To: Pastors and Church Congregations
We have currently raised $73,460.00 toward the $85,000.00 down payment in the purchase of the Flying P Ranch in creating the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Retreat Center.
I want to thank the following churches and individuals who have donated funds:

Peggy Bullard                         $11,000.00                Duane Stowe                         $1,000.00
Bob & Rosalind Ray               $1,000.00                  Northside Baptist Church     $1,000.00
Pidcoke Baptist Church          $6,400.00                  Gene & Lenora Isenhour       $500.00         
Richard & Monica Ray           $1,000.00                  J.M. & Vicky Taylor             $2,000.00
Jack & Sheri Reed                  $1,000.00                  Fairy Baptist Church             $5,000.00
Fairview Baptist Church         $20,000.00                Carlton Baptist Church         $2,400.00
Dave & Vicky Keith               $1,000.00                  FBC Kempner                       $500.00
David & Vicky Black             $1,000.00                  Michael & Wendi Claunch    $1,000.00
Don & Kathy Edwards           $200.00                     Cove Korean Church             $2,400.00
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wise       $2,000.00                  Freda LeFevre                        $1,000.00
Clear Creek Baptist Church   $1,000.00                  FBC Gatesville                       $7,500.00
True Vine Fellowship             $1,000.00                  Jimmy & Brenda Sterns         $200.00
Thomas & Delia Tyler           $1,000.00                  FBC Copperas Cove               $1,000.00
Edna Hill Baptist Church       $110.00                     Raymond & Francis Storms   $250.00  
A new closing date of August 31 has been accepted by seller, therefore the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Board Members will review the purchase options on August 22 at which time will decide on the purchase options based upon the amount of donated funds received/pledged.
Therefore, we asked that if you are donating toward the purchase of the Flying P Ranch that the amount of your donation be recorded by your Tri-Rivers Area Office no later than Monday, August 21 by email at:; text: 432-202-1526 or by calling the office at 254-865-1299.

Make checks out to "TRBA". (All donations are tax deductible)

You may also donate Online at

For more information go to and select the "Flying P Ranch" tab.
A new closing date of August 31 has been accepted by seller, therefore the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Board Members will review the purchase options on August 22 at which time will decide on the purchase options based upon the amount of donated funds received/pledged.
Therefore, we asked that if you are donating toward the purchase of the Flying P Ranch that the amount of your donation be recorded by your Tri-Rivers Area Office no later than Monday, August 21 by email at:; text: 432-202-1526 or by calling the office at 254-865-1299. Make checks out to "TRBA". (All donations are tax deductible) You may also donate Online at For more information go to and select the "Flying P Ranch" tab.

Click on calendar to view it on website

Save the Date:

Save the Date for Tri-Rivers Annual Meeting of Churches
(Erath, Hamilton, Lampasas & Coryell Associations)
on Sunday, October 15, 2017 at FBC Hamilton

Richard Ray: Director of Missions - Weekly Update 
This past weekend we held a Tri-Rivers Children's Sunday School Workshop hosted by FBC Hico. We had a wonderful attendance, as we taught How to recruit and maintain volunteers, Grade level teaching techniques and How to lead a child to Christ. I want to thank Misti Sanders for teaching. On Sunday, I was blessed to worship School Creek Baptist Church and share the vision of the purchase of the Flying P Ranch. Sunday afternoon, I was honored to be a guest of the Korean Cove Baptist Church as they celebrated 36 years in ministry. Pastor Lee is the pastor and has served the church for 10 years. It was a wonderful time of celebration and fellowship. Sunday evening, I was assisting True Vine Fellowship Church through Celebrate Recovery Leadership Training.
This week your Tri-Rivers Area office will be preparing and planning for each Association meeting in August. By now each church should have received a reminder of these meetings. We will bring each churches ACP's (Annual Church Profile) to the Associational meetings to be pick-up. If your church representative cannot make your Associational meeting we will mail the ACP to the church.
I want to continue to thank everyone who has donated funds toward the purchase of the Flying P Ranch that is going to provide Area churches the opportunity of free access of a Retreat Facility for ministry and outreach. I encourage you to click on the "Flying P Ranch Tab" at website for additional information and opportunities to donate as well as take a virtual tour.
As always, please take a moment and scroll down this newsletter to view opportunities in ministry within our Tri-Rivers Area and take time to check out our Facebook pages listed at the top of this newsletter to see how your church can be involved in missions. It is our joy to serve you as together we serve the Lord.
Until next week, "I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow." - 1 Corinthians 3:6

View from a Pew: Vietnam veteran, West Point instructor, longtime teacher comes home

By  | 

GATESVILLE, Texas (KWTX) Ed Leach, who was born at his family's home in Turnersville, left there for two tours in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot, taught at West Point, and Baylor and a list of other colleges and schools in Texas, but in the end chose to return home to live out his years.
Before he's anything else, he'll tell anyone, he is a devout Christian who believes his faith saw him through a war and the early death of his first wife to cancer and now drives him to spend hours, along with his wife Crystal, working at Eastwood Baptist Church, in Gatesville, where he is a deacon.
Edward D. Leach, Sr., was born at his family's farm house in Turnersville in 1940, the sixth of 15 children, and was delivered by a local veterinarian.
Of that brood, nine of whom still are living, five were boys and 10 girls.
His remaining siblings all live near Gatesville, three brothers and six sisters.
"One year I had four sisters, almost a whole basketball team, playing at Turnersville," Leach said.
"All of us were athletic and because Turnersville (school) was so small, we played every sport," Leach said.


Jerry Stratton (Former Tri-Rivers DOM):

A complete set of three daily devotional books (God's Daily Word) by Jerry Stratton is now available. Book 1 includes January through April; Book 2, May through August; Book 3, September through December.  They can be ordered singly for $14.99 or as a set of 3 for $29.99.  Here is the link where the books can be viewed and ordered: .  Then click on Books/Devotionals.  
The books can also be ordered from

Sin is Always Sin

Chuckle: A small boy drew a car with a man driving and a man and woman in the back. "That's God driving Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden," he explained.
Quote: "There is but one thing more dangerous than sin -- the murder of a man's sense of sin." --Pope John Paul II
"There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death" (Proverbs 14:12 NIV). "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, . . ."(Romans 3:23 NIV). "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Romans 6:23 NIV).
You may have heard the saying, "A rose by any other name is still a rose." Likewise, sin, no matter what we call it, is still sin. However, we live in a society where, for many, there are no absolutes when it comes to right and wrong. Right and wrong have become relative to the situation at hand. What is right for one person might not be right for another. If we take this view, then it's an easy transition to the notion that sin is not always sin -- not absolute -- the Ten Commandments are negotiable -- they become the ten suggestions. 


Back to School Fair for HICO ISD
Sponsored by Area Churches

Men of all ages are invited to:

Highland Lakes Camp - 2017 Men's Conference


Great Worship - Recreation - Topical Seminars - Great Food

Dates are: August 18-19 2017



2 Day Church Security and Intruder Awareness/Response Training  

Strategos International

Friday, September 15, 2017 at 8am - 4pm

Many churches have taken comfort in the thought that "it could never happen here." But headlines and a steadily-growing body of statistical evidence demonstrate that violence in faith-based organizations is not an if, but a when. The Church Security Planning and Intruder Awareness training will equip your staff and key volunteers to create a personalized security plan that protects your congregation while maintaining a welcoming environment. You can choose from a 1- or 2-day option, but both days are recommended and the subjects interrelate.
Day 1 Overview: Church Security Planning

* Intruder response
* Lockdown
* Offering collection, protection, and transport
* Nursery security
* Medical response
* Volunteer selection
* Armed vs. unarmed security
* Protecting the pastor
* The role of ushers and greeters
Who should attend? Pastors, church staff, administrators and facility managers, children and student ministry directors, security team members, deacons. Recommended: Bring note-taking materials.
Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 8am - 3pm

* Creating a culture of awareness
* Lockdown
* Recognizing suspicious behavior
* Approaching suspicious or armed individuals
* Verbal conflict management & de-escalation
* The role of ushers, greeters and other frontline team members
Who should attend? Ushers, greeters, church leaders, security volunteers, deacons and other staff and volunteers in frequent contact with congregation and visitors. Recommended: Bring note-taking materials.

Live Oak Baptist Church, Gatesville, TX

Register HERE


Attention Church Leaders! Summer is approaching fast which means Children/Youth Camps, VBS and Mission Trips. Get your Background Checks and Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Training completed for free. Contact your Tri-Rivers Area Office for more information.

Link to TRBA Website/Background Form

Fairy Baptist Church is seeking a
Bivocational/Part-Time Youth Minister
to serve Youth within the Hico ISD area

Fairy Baptist Church is a warm and loving church located in the small community of Fairy on FM 1602, 10 miles south of Hico, Texas.

Sunday School: 10:00
Sunday Worship: 11:00 am and 6:00 pm 
Wednesday Power Kids: 6:00 pm
Wednesday Youth: 6:00 pm
Submit your resume to:


Would you like to be apart of Celebrate Recovery? 
Would your church like to host a Celebrate Recovery Program?
Are you in need of Celebrate Recovery?

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered program with foundations firmly established in Biblical truth. The 12 Steps with accompanying Scriptures and the 8 Principles based on the Beatitudes offer participants a clear path of salvation and discipleship; bringing hope, freedom, sobriety, healing, and the opportunity to give back one day at a time through our one and only true Higher Power, Jesus Christ.  The 12 Steps and the 8 Principles work seamlessly together, tying historical recovery to timeless Biblical teaching.

Message from Wick Warren:

If you would like to be a part of Celebrate Recovery serving as a leader, encourager, training coach, praise and worship, greeter or providing a meal, contact your Area Office for more details.

Tri-Rivers Baptist Area

Celebrate Recovery already meets at Coryell Community Church in Gatesville every Tuesday at 6:00 pm.
For more information about CCC's
Celebrate Recovery Meetings contact:
Eloise Smith
Coryell Community Church

Central Texas Hospitality House is Seeking Volunteers

Volunteers are needed for the following days and areas:

Saturdays & Sundays 9am - 12pm 
--Light cleaning 
-- Making Beds 
-- Cleaning Restrooms 
-- Greeters

Mondays 8:30am - 10:30am 
-- Cleaning

Saturdays 5pm 
-- Provide a meal & serve

For More Information Contact:
James or Martha Parrish
708 Hwy 36 W.
Gatesville, TX 76528

Free Items
-Metal folding chairs
-2 old pulpits
-10 small metal/hard plastic kids' chairs
-stand podiums
-older TVs
-some other random stuff

For more information contact:

Kevin Miles
254.965.3187 - office
254.485.6765 - cell

Jonesboro Cowboy Church is collecting folding chairs for Mexico Missions.  A new church is being started now and we are in need of 100 folding chairs.  They can picked up by calling Curtis or Cindy Bankston at 254-865-6028


FBC Moody is seeking a part time minister to youth. Chairman of the search committee is Kenneth Henager, phone number is 254-541-7522 

Oakalla Baptist Church is looking for a pianist for their Sunday Services.
They are willing to pay a honorarium.
If you are interested please contact Bro. Clay Cole: or (254) 681-7397 

School Creek Baptist Church is looking for a new home for this organ.

If you are interested please contact:
School Creek Baptist Church


We would love to have a Full time Piano player, but are not at a financial point to do so, but will be able to provide fuel for their travel time to and from. We pray that God will provide us with someone who wants to praise his name with their musical talent.

Cove Korean Baptist Church - English Missions is in need of a piano player. For more information contact Bro. Fisher

Cove Korean Baptist Church is looking for a used 15 passenger van. If you or your church has one please contact your area office:
254-865-1299 or

Mountain Baptist Church is seeking a part-time music Minister for Sunday mornings. If you are interested contact Kurt Fuessel 254-865-7528 

Visit our website to view associational constitution and bylaws, pulpit supply list, area office resources, calendar events, and much more!!

Tri-Rivers Ministry Fund Supporting Churches
The following churches support the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Strategic Plan for 2017

Pleasant Valley
Carlton Baptist Church Eastwood Baptist Church
Fairy Baptist Church
Clairette Baptist Church
Fairview Community Church
College Ave Baptist Church Clear Creek Baptist Church
Community Baptist Church
Cottonwood Baptist Church
FBC Copperas Cove
Levita Bible Fellowship
Morgan Mill Baptist church
Sweet Home Baptist Church
Pidcoke Baptist church
Turnersville Baptist Church
Olin Baptist Church
First Baptist Church Kempner
Trinity Baptist Church
FBC Gatesville
Coryell Community Church
Cove Korean English Misson
First Baptist Church  Hamilton
Greens Creek Baptist Church

Hispana de Gatesville
Jonesboro Baptist Chruch
Live Oak Baptist Churh
Morgan Mill Baptist Church
Olin Baptist Church
White Hall Baptist Chruch
The Church at Blue Ridge
Cove Korean Church

If your church would like to participate contact your director of missions, Richard Ray:

Office Hours:

Monday           9:30am-3:30pm
Tuesday          9:30am-3:30pm
Wednesday     9:30am-3:30pm
Thursday         9:30am-3:30pm


Tri-Rivers Baptist Area
502 E. Main Street, Gatesville, TX  |  254.865.1299