Texas Home School Coalition
August 12, 2011



A year ago we began to help a member of our association, a single father who had been struggling to regain possession of his daughter for almost three years. We've talked about his story on a number of occasions and about how the legal system is being used to violate the rights of this fit father, taking away his daughter because her grandparents simply disagree with how he wants to rear his daughter.


Next Monday, August 15, at 8:30 a.m. a jury trial will begin in the 231st District Court in Fort Worth in the case of this single father, and it now appears that one of the issues the grandparents will raise is the fact that he intends to homeschool his daughter when he regains possession of her; the grandparents strongly disagree with this. The father and his attorneys have chosen a jury trial because of the judge's pattern of what we believe is abuse of his office, and we ask you to join us in praying that the men and women of the jury will see the horrible violation of the fundamental constitutional right of this parent and will restore his daughter to him.


If you live in or near Fort Worth, please consider going to the courthouse and observing the trial. It would mean a great deal to this beleaguered father to have the home school community there to silently show their support not only for home schooling but for the constitutional right of every fit parent to direct the upbringing, care, control, and education of his or her children. If you do not live near Fort Worth, please pray with us on Monday and throughout the week for God to lead the attorneys representing the father and for the jury as they hear the case. The trial will go on for several days, and we will give updates as information is available.



In His service and yours,                   

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Tim Lambert