Dear Parents and Guardians,

So far, so good! We have had our snags, but our students are masked, our weather has been beautiful for lunch outside, and the air conditioners are working! Today's rare middle-of-the-week email has some important points, and I ask you to read it carefully.

First, I want to address questions about COVID spread and transmission. You may have seen that a few area high schools will be closed for 2 weeks because of transmission among their students. There are two very important things for you to know about this: 1. We have not had a positive case for a faculty, staff, or student at Trinity High School. 2. The schools that shut their doors largely had to do so due to transmission that occurred outside of the school building. We ask our students to please remain cautious, continue to socially distance, and stay home if you are sick. The more we follow these rules in all of our interactions, the more likely it is that we will be able to continue to come to school.

Tomorrow is our first all-school eLearning day! We look forward to our opening assembly at 11am. I hope all of our students - those who come to the building and those who join us from home - will take the time to log in. These assemblies are Mrs. Bedell's favorite things, and it's likely she'll be so excited she'll want to know everyone who logs on! 

This eLearning day couldn't have come at a better time, as we iron out the final few questions we've received - mostly about our APPIAN app.

Today we activated functionality to scan every student's code as they came through the door. If ever needed, it will be a great tool for contact tracing. We will know exactly what time your child arrived, and who was directly in front of her, and behind her, in line.

If you are still having difficulty, Trinity's Tech department will call you tomorrow. Please send an email to and indicate your name, your daughter's name, her grade, your phone number, and the best time to reach you on Wednesday. Trinity's Tech Team will do their best to call at that time and walk you through the set-up.

Now for our FAQs:

  • All parents should DOWNLOAD the Appian Campus Pass App and set up their account. This will ensure that your daughter is prepared if she returns to in-person learning 2nd block. Make certain to go into the "Profile" and enter your daughter's name and Trinity email account. Otherwise, our records will indicate that you have permission to enter the building, not your daughter. (And you've already gone to high school!) Download and set up instructions can be found HERE

  • Once set up, PARENTS ONLY NEED TO COMPLETE THE APP IF THEIR CHILD IS COMING TO CAMPUS or planning to participate in a Trinity sponsored athletic competition or practice. This is for campus screening to enter the building/athletic event, it is not our attendance tool. 

  • In the event of an absence, for in-person and eLearners alike, a Parent/Guardian must call the office (708) 771-8383 or email before 8:15 a.m. explaining the reason for the absence. Parents/guardians may leave a voicemail explaining the absence. Every day a student is absent (not attending in person OR eLearning), a parent/guardian must call it in.

  • If your child is having a temporary change in her learning status and moving from in person to eLearning for any reason, parents/guardians must notify Mrs. Carey immediately at 708-453-8345 or for approval.  

I hope that this clears up some outstanding questions. It has been such a heartwarming feeling to have students back learning again! I've even gotten to see a few of the at-home learners as I helped with some technology trouble shooting the first couple of days.

School is in session and we are ready!!

Laura M. Curley
Additional Information about tomorrow, Wednesday, August 26th.

Tomorrow at 7 am, students will be receiving a SELF REPORTING attendance Google Form via email from Mrs. Carey. All students are required to SELF REPORT by 8 am that they will be actively working and completing assignments for their Block 1 courses. If your student is unable to work remotely on her assignments on a Wednesday, you must report her absence to the attendance officer at or call 708-771-8383. 

Tomorrow is our Opening School Virtual Assembly from 11:00-11:45 am! All students (both eLearners and in-person learners), faculty, and staff are expected to attend. Students were emailed the Zoom Link today and will receive another email tomorrow morning containing the link. We are looking forward to introducing students to new faculty and staff as well as reviewing important safety and learning expectations for the year!
Trinity High School