November 2016 Trinity Tribune

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The Church in Political Society
The Rev. Paul Nancarrow
This month we come to an election that caps one of the most contentious and unpopular campaign seasons I have ever experienced. The wars of words, the shouting of slogans, the tweetstorms, have left many people worried for the state of our democracy and the integrity of our public life.
It reminds me of a question a colleague of mine once told me that she'd been wrestling with: "Is it the job of the church to create the political will to make positive changes in our society?" I liked the way she phrased that: to talk about "creating political will" makes it clear that the church does not engage directly in politics, and yet at the same time that the church cannot simply ignore the political realities of our society, either.
The church has always had an uneasy relationship with political power. In the earliest days of the Jesus movement, the Christian community was taken to be a subsect of Judaism, and so "flew beneath the radar" of imperial Roman religious law. Later, when Christians were ejected from the synagogue and lost that protection, the church was persecuted in the name of imperial politics. Later still, the Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity, and imposed that conversion on his whole empire as well, and the church became the official religion of the political powers-that-be. Church and Empire seesawed in power and prestige all through the Middle Ages. In England after the Reformation the Church was under the direct control of the Crown, and bishops were members of the political House of Lords. That's one of the reasons why the American Constitution is so adamant about the separation of church and state: because the establishment of any church as an official arm of the state leads to undue and inappropriate interference in both religious belief and political process.
So the church in the USA does not engage in politics, in the sense of campaigning for certain candidates, or endorsing particular legislation, or advocating any party's platform.
Yet at the same time, the church has a deep commitment to engage in public life. The prophets were not shy about calling the kings of Israel and Judah to account for their political decisions, especially when those decisions harmed the poor among the people. John the Baptist was arrested because he publicly criticized the irregular marriage of Herod Antipas. Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday in a procession that was a deliberate counterexample to the military parade with which Pilate entered the city to suppress the possibility of rebellion which always cropped up around Passover time. Jesus' teachings to his disciples - and to us - are full of sayings and commandments which affect how we conduct ourselves in our public lives, and thus how we exercise our politics as well. In our Baptismal Covenant, the basic "how-to" for being disciples, we sum up Jesus' teaching about living in society when we say we will "strive for justice and peace among all people." Our Christian social ethics and moral theology call us to work actively in society for the relief of the poor, and the protection of the weak, and the inclusion of the outcast, and the reconciliation of opponents, and the well-being of every creature - every creature - in our communities.
In an open and democratic society such as ours, one way we work actively for the well-being of all is to engage in the political process. So while the church does not engage directly in politics, the church can - the church must - call its members to think deeply about Jesus' call to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to apply that call to the needs and concerns of society through appropriate political action. The church must not campaign; but the church can and should work to create the political will to make positive changes in our common life. To do any less would be to turn away from our call to be true disciples of Jesus our Lord.
And especially in this bitter campaign season, it is worth reflecting that politics, in the broadest sense, goes far beyond just candidates and platforms and elections. When the election is over, one way or another, we must still live with each other. The political will to build up the good in society is not limited to people who've gained office or retained seats in legislatures. All citizens must work together in the politics that constitute "the art of the possible," as all citizens work in their ways to develop the potentials for goodwill and good action that are open to them. For citizens who are also Christians, the will for good is modeled for us in Jesus, and our striving to live a Christ-like life will include cultivating our political will for positive change.
On the morning after election night, may God inspire us with goodwill for all, and may we work for good in our political life this term and all the terms to come. 

Please Welcome Our New Sexton
Laurie Clements, Parish Administrator
On October 24 th , we welcome Robert Richardson to our staff here at Trinity as our new Sexton. Robert, a veteran of the United States Air Force, has held a Director of Safety & Security position at Mary Baldwin University before becoming employed by the Virginia Regional Transit, in which he could be seen driving the buses and trolleys around in Staunton and Waynesboro areas. He has been enjoying his own handyman business for the last two years. He is sure to fit in nicely helping to take care of our beautiful property here at Trinity. Robert will be keeping regular hours Monday through Friday here in the Parish House. We will no longer have our Sexton working on Sunday mornings. If you see him, introduce yourself and welcome Robert to our church family!

Notes from the Senior Warden
Lee Beam, Senior Warden
October is Stewardship month at Trinity.  We take time to pause, think about what makes Trinity special in our lives (and in the lives of others), reflect on the gifts that God has given us, and determine what monetary gift we will return to God through our pledge to Trinity Church.
Like last year, the Stewardship committee chose to hold two "Stewardship Sundays" in October, and during each of the three services on those days, ask those present to discuss certain aspects of Trinity's life.  On October 9, we talked about Trinity as a "Caring" place, and on October 23 we will about Trinity as a "Welcoming" place (this article is bring written on October 18!)
Not surprisingly, on October 9, members offered the following examples of Trinity being a "Caring" place:  Noon Lunch, the "Trinity Cares" program, the Honduras mission work and Haiti ministry, food ministry to those who are sick, funds distributed from the Rector's Discretionary Fund, helping individuals in need directly (done by many throughout the church family), the Lay Eucharistic Ministry, the Healing Service, grants given from the Trinity budget, food prepared for the Valley Mission by the Sunday School classes, care shown by our Sunday School teachers for their students, visitations by the Choir to shut-ins and assisted living facilities, assistance given to those who have lost loved ones.  And this list is not at all complete!
It strikes me that many of the same examples of Trinity as a "Caring" place will also be used in the discussion of Trinity being "Welcoming."  Each of us sees Trinity and our mission through our own eyes, and it's fascinating to hear how others see Trinity.  As Paul discussed, the things that we do can be programmatic (the Honduras mission work and Noon Lunch), liturgical (the Healing Service and Lay Eucharistic Ministry), or personal (assistance given directly to others).  By caring, we give; and yet we also receive. 
The Trinity budget is what allows us to "do" our mission and ministry.  Our pledges fund 76% of our total budget, paying for utilities, supplies, outreach, staff, and operations.  Our budget can be seen as the "blueprint" for the caring (and welcoming) that we will "do" in 2017.  For 2017, we plan to continue to provide funding for our Honduras mission, work in Haiti, and support of the Diocese; provide program funding for Christian Education, Youth, and our Music Ministry; pay our staff their salaries and benefits; offer hospitality to our members and friends with receptions and picnics; continue upgrading the lighting within the church to more efficient LED lighting; replace the very worn carpet in the Parish House; and pay all those other normal bills that happen when you are caring for a large, historic property.  You see, we must also "CARE" for our property so that it will be here for years to come!
Without the support of our members, we wouldn't be able to be this "Caring" and "Welcoming" place.  We have much to be grateful for in our lives; I hope that you will join me in giving generously back to God, through your pledge, so that Trinity Episcopal Church, and her members, can continue to CARE.

Parish Annual Meeting
The Parish Annual Meeting will take place on Sunday, November 20 at 12:15pm. At this time, an updated draft of the budget will be available. Also voting for new vestry members will take place. Information about vestry candidates will be sent out in a separate mailing before the meeting.

Don't Miss the 4th Annual Harvest Breakfast and Fair Trade Gift Market
Margaret Pearson
The 4th Annual Harvest Breakfast and Fair Trade Market will take place on NOVEMBER 12 from 8 - Noon in Trinity's McCracken Hall.
Come and enjoy: A fabulous pancake breakfast; Pre-holiday shopping with fair trade merchandise from Ten Thousand Villages, which supports artisans and collective producers from all over the world; Home-made biscotti, Tom's Terrific Toffee, Equal Exchange chocolates, freshly-baked scones, and San Rafael shade-grown coffee direct from the grower; and ECW gift items. Breakfast is served from 8 until 10:30. Scones with jam and cream and coffee or tea served 10:30 until noon. Contact Margaret Pearson if you have questions and/or would like to join the volunteer crew. Her email is

Vestry Highlights
The Rev. Paul Nancarrow
At its regular meeting on October 17, 2016, the Vestry:
  • Welcomed two new members, Lynn Manka and Lilchy Huffman, who are filling the unexpired terms of Ted Jordan and Mary Sue Kivlighan. Lynn and Lilchy will serve through December of 2017, and they will both be eligible for reelection at that time.
  • Called a Nominating Committee to assist with nominees for the Vestry election at the Annual Meeting, scheduled for Sunday, November 20. Any parishioner can nominate a person for the Vestry; offering your own name in nomination is welcomed too!
  • Approved September financial reports showing pledge payments running slightly behind schedule. This is normal for the end of summer, but the Vestry and Finance Committee do encourage pledgers to keep their payments up to date through the fall.

Upcoming Music Events
Gen Bolena, Organist & Choirmaster
Dennis G. Case Memorial Concert, November 6 at 5pm
The Trinity Choir will commemorate the Feast of All Saints with a performance of Gabriel Fauré's beloved masterpiece Requiem, with orchestra. Anthems by Arvo Pärt, William Byrd, and John West will round out the program. This concert is given in loving memory of Dennis G. Case (1934-2013), a long-time member of Trinity Church, who made a generous contribution to complete the Taylor and Boody pipe organ in 2014, and left a bequest to support the music program for future generations.
A Little Advent Music: Concert with Advent Lessons & Carols, December 4 at 5pm
Organist Florence Jowers recently retired to Staunton after teaching at Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory, NC, for the last twenty years.  She will present a program featuring Bach's Canonic Variations on 'Vom Himmel hoch', and works by Buxtehude and Pachelbel. The concert will be followed by Trinity's traditional Advent Lessons & Carols service, sung by the Trinity Choir.

Prayer List Yearly Renewal
Deidre Jones, Parish Communications
Beginning Sunday, November 27 we will remove all names from the prayer list that were added before November 1, 2016 unless we have names specifically indicated in our notes to remain on the list. If you have questions or concerns about a name, please contact the office at 886-9132 or by November 18.

Administrator Notes
Laurie Clements, Parish Administrator
  • We continue to receive memorial gifts in loving memory of Ted Jordan. In addition to the memorial fund, some gifts were also designated to San Rafael, the Honduras Adult Mission, the Noon Lunch program, and the Music Fund.
  • Memorial gifts were given in loving memory of Kathy Middleton, designated to the Noon Lunch program.
  • A note was received from Rev. Shelby Owen of Emmanuel Episcopal: "It is our delight and joy to donate $300 to the Noon Day Lunch Program that serves so many in our community. Please accept this check knowing that we greatly appreciate your love shown to those in need."
  • We are continually being blessed by daily visitors who travel here to view our stained glass windows.  There is not a day that goes by without a handful or more visitors knocking on our door.  Often we have visitors requesting tours. We turn to Thurston Robinson and Lilchy Huffman when we have tour requests, and we are very appreciative of their time, knowledge and contribution of history shared to our visitors during tours. Many of those visitors contribute to our "donation box" in the Church with an appreciative monetary gift.
  • This past month a contribution has been sent to Trinity on behalf of Rose & Harry Baldwin and Sally and Ed Napier with the following note that I wanted to share:
"Thank you so much for having Thurston Robinson show us around your church and telling us about the stained glass windows and also the organ. We truly enjoyed our Staunton visit. Your place was a treasure find - thanks so much for sharing!"

Picture Directory
  • Just a reminder, you can easily customize and upload your own picture from your computer into Realm (our membership database) of you, your family, even with your pet! Each individual has an opportunity to upload their picture and we as a staff find this VERY helpful when working with the program. Especially me, while I still get to know our members!

Novel Theology
Novel Theology meets throughout the year on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7pm in the Foster Room. Everyone and anyone is invited to attend. The only rule is you must read the book for that month. Come and bring your friends and acquaintances. We have lively discussions.
Nov 15-The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.  An American realist novel written by John Steinbeck and published in 1939. The book won the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize for fiction, and it was cited prominently when Steinbeck was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1962. Set during the Great Depression, the novel focuses on the Joads, a poor family of tenant farmers driven from their Oklahoma home by drought, economic hardship, agricultural industry changes and bank foreclosures forcing tenant farmers out of work. Due to their nearly hopeless situation, and in part because they are trapped in the Dust Bowl, the Joads set out for California. Along with thousands of other "Okies," they seek jobs, land, dignity, and a future. Led by Oakley Pearson.

Dec 13 - Ironweed by William Kennedy.  With Ironweed, William Kennedy completes his three novels of Depression-era Albany, wrapping up this study of time, place, and people with an emotionally gripping Pulitzer Prize-winner (1984) that focuses on those who call themselves "bums," all of them living apart from society because their dreams have died. Led by Anne Hanger.

Carter Hannah, Noon Lunch Co-Coordinator
Does it seem like Noon Lunch is always asking for help?  We need your help again!  Right now we have all twenty week-day spots on a four-week month filled out.  However, every month except February has extra days.  When those days fall during the week, we need extra cooking teams for Noon Lunch.  We are asking our congregation for help.  If you are able to put together a group of at least five people, as a substitute team, who would plan, gather ingredients, cook, serve and clean-up for those fifth days we need your help.  This would always be at the end of a month and we would ask for your help weeks ahead of time.  We would train you and help you your first time working.
If you want to help and don't have a team, we need someone to act as a substitute picking up food from either Kroger or Food Lion.  Pick-ups are in the morning on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.  We do have regular people who pick up but if they are sick or out of town, we need substitutes.  We will train you and get you the required card from the Food Bank.
Thank you one and all for considering our requests and many thanks to those of you who contribute so generously with your time and your money.  We serve a tremendous need in this community.
A thank you note from one of our Noon Lunch Guests
"To Trinity Church staff and members - who make it such a beautiful and blessed place, I love you all so very dearly! I don't know what I would do without you! You help to sustain me with good nutrients (from noon lunch) and all of it with such kind words and encouraging support. Please know that I'm very thankful and that God loves us all - each and every one of us! Please continue to prayer for me and my family, for peace of mind and heart as we live on this big planet, Earth. I surely will do the same for all of you as well. God bless!"
Honduras Mission Trip in 2017
Oakley Pearson
The Trinity mission team will be making its 18th trip to the Copan area of Honduras in February, 2017. The plan is to travel on Tuesday, February 7, and return Wednesday, February15. At this point we plan to work both with "our" school in the mountain community of San Rafael and also return to Santa Rita, to the Church of the Holy Spirit where we started thirteen years ago. The work in Santa Rita will involve some construction. The school project may involve some construction, but will be primarily working with the students in the classroom.  Spanish is helpful, but not necessary. Please contact Margaret Pearson (849-9974) or Oakley Pearson (849-8441) or any of the many Trinity members who have made the trip. They will all tell you that it is a life enriching and life changing experience.
YOUTH Honduras Mission Trip in 2017
Sascha Wallace
Mr. Pearson met with the youth and families on October 9th to give us some info on the planned Youth mission trip to Honduras for 2017.  If you weren't able to attend and you have an interested youth, see below:
  1. Trip will take place in early June 2017
  2. Deadline for the Trinity Trip organizers to know who's definitely "in" is by early January 2017
  3. Total cost runs below $1500 (fluctuates based on flight rates)
  4. Typically the way Trinity helps the funding along is:
    • 1/3 of the trip for each youth is covered by Spaghetti Suppers at Trinity (youth lead and worked)
    • 1/3 of the trip is paid for by other fundraisers and possibly donations from the parish for the respective youth
    • 1/3 of the trip is paid for by family for the youth

5. Youth must be 16 and a 14 or (preferred) 15 year old is permitted only with a parent present


6. This is primarily a youth mission so we are not particularly looking for chaperones (I believe we have those covered)


7. Trip is 10 days long

You can notify me if you have an interested youth-
Fundraising for the Trip
Trinity has an excellent Spaghetti Supper once each month. For anyone who attends, I know you can attest to how yummy and economical these are for families. Donations of $5 per person to eat a terrific meal in someone else's kitchen!
These suppers are SUPPOSED to be put on by youth in an effort to raise money for Honduras. We have learned that very few youth have been participating recently. I am asking for any youth available to please help with these suppers and support our youth mission to Honduras in the process.
Help from youth is needed anytime after 5pm to cook and set up (particularly cookie baking) OR help is needed to clean up (always done by 8pm at the latest).
Spaghetti Suppers are the first Tuesday of every month from 6-7PM.
Next One:  Tuesday, November 1

Educating Ever, Karen, and Helmy
Julian Hickman
Our Honduran students, Ever, Karen and Helmy are in school and doing well. All three performed well in school last year but it is hard to match Ever's excitement at being a senior.   In addition to that, last spring Ever participated in a program for the hospitality industry and really enjoyed working with people.  He is extremely mature and polished.  He could be very successful working in tourism. 
Karen is now in high school.  When Ever was hospitalized, Karen was the person who communicated about Ever's condition.  She continues her outstanding academic performance.
Helmy, a second grader, learns quickly.  Teachers from the school where his father, Cruz, works continue to help pay part of his tuition.  Trinity Church and the family pay the remainder.
Mayatan Bilingual School is the best school in the area.  While any good students with computer and English skills have access to good jobs, students from the Mayatan school tend to become the managers and owners of businesses.  Students at the Mayatan school have either wealthy families or outside sponsors.
This year's initial August payment of fees and tuition was made, and generous donors have paid tuition for September and October.  We will continue to need $600 a month for Ever, Karen and a portion of the tuition for Helmy for the remainder of the school year.  Last year Ever had a summer job but this past summer he was in the hospital.  Medical expenses and lost wages have stressed this family. Some of you may not know that after Ever's appendicitis last spring, there were complications, multiple surgeries and medical bills.  Generous people in our family and friends from Trinity covered most of the medical bills.
Each of us has reasons for contributing to these children.  For me, it all goes back our work in Nueva Esperanza several years ago, when we found that Ever had dropped out of school.  A group decided to pay for Ever's tuition and look for resources for Karen.  I agreed to coordinate fund raising.  In the end, Cindy and I have agreed that our contribution is one thing we can do to improve the world. It doesn't hurt that we think these children will do well and be generous in their own lives. 
We hope you are encouraged by Ever and Karen's progress and will continue your support.  If you would like more information, grade reports etc, contact Julian (also known as Pete) Hickman at 540-241-3753.  If you would like to help, send your check to Trinity Church, marked Ever and Karen Scholarship Fund.

Junior and Senior High Events for November
BJ Regi, Christian Education Committee Co-Chair
11/12 (Saturday) Youth groups visit the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank
11/13 Sunday School Guest Speakers:  Carter and Kathy will speak about the Noon Lunch program
11/20 Sunday School Noon Lunch service project, cooking? crafts? TBD
11/27 No Sunday School: Advent Event, 10am in McCracken Hall
ECW Mystery Dinner Success!
Margaret Pearson
Many thanks to all those who joined us for Chinese Chicanery and Chicken Soong.  Lots of fun, good food, and several hundred dollars raised to support Trinity's secondary school project in San Rafael, Honduras.  See more photos on our website.

Advent Event
BJ Regi, Christian Education Committee Co-Chair
Please join us for Trinity's annual Advent Event on Sunday, November 27th at 10am in McCracken Hall. We will gather for fellowship and fun as we create Advent wreaths and decorate ornaments, wrapping paper, and cookies!  $5 donation for wreath supplies suggested.
Handmade Boxwood Wreaths to Benefit the Rector's Discretionary Fund
Lilchy Huffman
Orders are being taken for a fresh, handmade English Boxwood Wreath - a total of 12 wreaths will be made - to be delivered either December 4th or 11th, your choice.  Each wreath will be made from the boxwood here at church and are 16-18" in diameter.  You will have the choice of a plain red or plaid bow. Cost is $30.00 each with the $360 going to The Rector's Discretionary Fund. To place an order, please call Lilchy Huffman at 885-0518 or e-mail me at  You may pay now or when you pick-up your wreath.  Any questions, please call or see Lilchy.

Send in Your Memorials for Christmas Flowers
Deidre Jones, Parish Communications
Before Christmas, the Altar Guild collects Flower Memorials Gifts to purchase the flower decorations for the Christmas services and to fund raise for the altar guild ministry. Memorials may be given as a memorial, or to honor a friend or a child. There is no set monetary fee. If you would like to make a donation, please use the enclosed envelope or submit your memorial via our online form . You may then send your donation by mail.
Please return your gift to the Trinity office no later than Wednesday, December 7.
Altar Guild: Christmas
Sally Lovejoy, Altar Guild Co-Chair
Altar Guild members are asked to please come help decorate the church for Christmas at 10:00 am on Friday, December 23rd. Also members are asked to come help remove most of the flowers on  Sunday, January 1st, offering them to the congregation.
Christmas Eve Outreach Dinner
Margaret Pearson
Once again Trinity will host a wonderful Christmas Eve party and turkey dinner for many of our friends and neighbors.  Planning is already underway and we are looking for volunteers to chair or co-chair various aspects of the event.  Perhaps you have worked on one task in the past and would like to do that again.  Or, you may want to try a different volunteer task or perhaps you are new to Trinity and would like to find out more about how you might want to be involved. 
Some jobs need to be completed ahead of the actual dinner and other during and after the event.   Look over the list below to see if you would be willing to be in charge of a specific function.  There are dozens of willing volunteers who help out, but we do need to co-ordinate and oversee the various tasks:
  • Setting up McCracken Hall with tables and chairs
  • Table Decorations
  • Setting the tables
  • Transportation for guests
  • Coordinating the volunteer servers during the dinner
  • Coordinate sign in of guests, name tags, handing out of gift cards
  • Clean up
We can always use new volunteers, so please let us know if you are interested.  And if you have a favorite job that you wish to do again, please let us know.
Contacts:  Margaret Pearson,, 849-9974
Kay Buchanan,, 885-6067

Let Trinity Help with Your Christmas Shopping
Deidre Jones, Parish Communications
We have a little bit of something for everyone on your list! For more information, come to the office or contact us at 886-9132 or .
Benefits Honduras missions and school
  • Equal Exchange chocolate bars $4
  • John Lane's book "Two-Five-Oh"  Sermons Celebrating the 250th Anniversary of Trinity $5
  • Honduras Coffee 1lb $10
Benefits the Noon Lunch Program
  • "Table Grace" Trinity Cookbook $10
Offsets ECW Expenses
  • Church Mice $15
Benefits the general Trinity Fund
  • Tiffany Window Notecards (12 cards) $5
  • Trinity Mugs $5
  • Trinity History Book $10
  • Trinity Windows Booklet $10
  • Trinity Bumper Sticker $1
  • Pencil Drawing of Trinity Notecards (10 cards) $6
  • Trinity Windows Garden Pack Notecards (12 cards) $10
  • Trinity Windows Nativity and Epiphany Notecards (12 cards) pictured below $10
    • These would make lovely Christmas Cards!

Prayer Vigil for Election Night
The Rev. Paul Nancarrow
The church will be open for prayer from 6pm to 9pm Tuesday, November 8. At a time when social and political divisions seem rampant, we can set aside some time to pray for our society and our common good. The vigil will offer scripture readings and a collect every half-hour; the rest of the time will be for silent prayer. Come spend a few minutes or an entire three hours asking God's blessing on our common life.
If you open the following link, you will see our Trinity Church calendar. You may wish to bookmark this page as it will automatically update with any changes.
Oakley Pearson
Elizabeth Campbell
David Campfield
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