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A Note from Pastor Zehnder

Session # 3 of "Foundations" takes place this Saturday at 4 PM in the Fellowship Hall! A daunting Scriptural mystery will challenge us: The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity. With humility and with a sense of awe we will approach our Majestic God and marvel as to how He has revealed Himself to us in Scripture. Dr. Martin Luther will assist is in this as we consider Luther's explanations of the Work of the Holy Trinity. Luther's Explanations of the three articles of the Apostles Creed are considered to be some of the finest expositions of the work of The Holy Trinity. Bring your Bibles and your copy of the Catechism. Get ready to be amazed!  I am looking forward to it. Even if you have not attended up to this time, please feel free to join this happy throng! 4PM in the Fellowship Hall. Light refreshments and good fellowship!

Pastor Mark and Mrs. Mueller
We enjoyed a great visit from Pastor and Mrs. Mueller last weekend. He is prayerfully considering our Call to Trinity. He indicated that we would hear from him soon. We wait in hope even as we place this process and its outcome into the gracious hands of our Heavenly Father, the Lord of the Church.

Trinity Resurrection!
Last week I wrote : "Our Trinity is moving through wonderfully challenging days in ministry. We are almost one hundred years old - imagine! Almost every day there are 400 hundred children and adults on this campus and just over 100 employees as well. It takes a great deal of labor and effort to keep this ministry vital and up to date.  We will soon hear from our faithful Ted Lange about urgent, I mean really urgent matters which must be addressed. Let's pray for our Trinity. God is walking with us!"

On Saturday and Sunday, February 4 and 5, congregational President Ted Lange will be addressing us about the urgent matters, really urgent matters , we are facing. You will not be surprised I am sure to know that we are speaking about financial matters.  Your Leadership Council is stepping up at this time, considering how each member of that team can set a pace which will lead us to a successful handling of this matter.

We decided to name this effort "Trinity Resurrection" which points to a Victory and solution. Please pray for this coming effort!  

Worship this weekend
In the sermon meditation this weekend we will be amazed to hear the "Cry of God" as He speaks to us from four different "mountains." Even though it is Friday as I write this, I am still pondering, searching for the best way to communicate a phenomenal Word from God! Please pray for me as I will for you.

Looking forward to worship with you this week end! "When the Lights Came On in Galilee" is our enigmatic theme! Can hardly wait!   -trz

PS:  Here's a view from the pulpit at the Grandparents Day chapel service.
Trinity Family News

Trinity Family Picnic -- Sunday, January 29th 12:30pm
You're invited to a picnic on the patio!  Come out to Trinity on Sunday the 29th for burgers & hot dogs, mac-n-cheese, and more.  Let's enjoy some  time together hanging out on campus.  

SOUPer Sunday Collection
This weekend is the fifth weekend of the month and that means Food and Funds on the Fifth .  This weekend is specifically about donating generously from our own blessings to replenish Trinity's pastoral discretionary fund and THIS MONTH ONLY we are helping the Christian Service Center collect SOUP!  The families of our youngest school children have already collected enough soup and canned goods to fill one grocery cart!  A second cart is waiting for your donation in the narthex.  Monetary donations for the Discretionary Fund can be placed in the collection plate, but be sure to indicate "Discretionary Fund" on the check or envelope

Trinity Supoprts IDignity
This is OUR month to intentionally sponsor IDignity with a $400 collection needed for volunteer lunch, and the physical presence of volunteers from Trinity at the event.   IDignity sponsors monthly assistance in obtaining Florida ID cards and licenses, birth certificates, Social Security cards, replacement immigration records and various other documents to those who struggle with red tape and finances. Thursday, February 16 is designated TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH sponsor day. How YOU can help:
  • Come out to volunteer
  • Donate toward the cost for volunteer's lunch - we need $400
  • Share resources to help with  the $100 per person cost of "personhood" and dignity.
Restoring dignity and hope is the motto which are words Christians speak when they show the action of their faith.   Contact Deaconess Liz: or 407-488-1919 X 127 for information and sign-up

Mighty Mite!
No, not the insect!  The Lutheran women in our congregation and other Lutheran congregations collect pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters (and certainly larger paper money) and call the donation "mites". LWML asks everyone to purposefully collect loose change and bring those "mitey mites" to the collection box in the east narthex (where the drinking fountain is located).  There are some new boxes waiting for you to take them home and fill 'em up!  Mite boxes and donations are welcome all year long.  Any questions?  Contact Mary Lou at

Trinity Downtown is Nearly 100 Years Old
Planning for Trinity's 100th anniversary in 2019 is a long term project, and the prep work starts NOW!  If you're interested in participating in the pre-planning, please contact Chanda at . We're celebrating the century behind us and preparing for the century ahead of us! The pre-planning team will meet on Thursday, February 2nd at 7pm in the glass block conference room of the Magnolia building. Goals for this pre-planning Team over the next few months will be to: brainstorm ideas for the 2019 event (service, education, outreach, and Trinity family fun), draft an outline of the scope of events, prepare a list of tasks that must be accomplished, map a rough timeline, and draft a budget proposal for accomplishing those ALL of that in the next two years. Here we go!

Fearless Caregiver Conference
March 15th learn how to:
  • Balance family, work & caregiving
  • Motivate family members to help
  • Convince Dad to stop driving
  • Persuade Mom to listen to you
  • Legally protect your aging parents
  • Secure the future of your adult child
March 15, 2017 at the Holy Trinity Reception & Conference Center, 1217 Trinity Woods Lane, Maitland, FL 32751. Limited free tickets for family caregivers.  Register at  For more information: 877.829.2734

Cemetery Spaces for Sale
Trinity has four cemetery spaces located in the Garden of Rest at Glen Haven Memorial Park in Winter Park for sale. Two are for cremation and two for burial. If interested or for more information, please call Kathy Aber at 407-295-6269.
Upcoming Dates to Remember

January 28  Servant Saturday 9a-12p
January 29 Trinity Family Picnic 12:30pm
February 1-4  Member Directory Photos -- Magnolia Building
February 16  IDignity Day
A Fabulous Turnout at Grandparents Day!
Our Extended Trinity Family #NLSW17
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Hippie/TieDie Day at TLS #NLSW17
Hippie/TieDie Day at TLS #NLSW17
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