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Welcome Pastor Steve Schroeder!  
Many thanks to Pastor Schroeder for serving at Trinity while Pastor Doug is attending the FL-GA District Convention this weekend.

Voters Meeting Monday, June 25
Trinity's Leadership Council invites and encourages you to come out and be a part of Trinity's future by participating in the voters meeting where we'll share details about Trinity ministry plans for the future, Trinity's financial position, next year's budget, Task Force efforts to match Trinity's campus use to its ministry plans, electing new council members and elders, hearing reports for various areas of Trinity ministry, thanking those completing elected terms for their faithful service, and cheering on the many groups of volunteers, lay leaders, elected leaders, advisory teams and ministry staff and our whole Trinity Family as we celebrate Trinity's past, fully engage in the present, and prepare for Trinity's second century of ministry.

Elected Leadership Nominations Slate
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: God's abundant blessings upon you all.  The 2018 Nomination Committee presents to you the final slate for our Voter Assembly on Monday, June 25.  Please pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance and blessings upon the Congregation, the candidates and the direction of your vote.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Respectfully submitted by your Nominations Committee:  Tom Finger, Mary Beth Brink, Maggie Bowles, Pastor Kallesen, Ted Lange, Greg Yawman, Kelley Lane.

New Candidates:
Two MEMBERS AT-LARGE positions open (Serving July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2020):
     Four Candidates for two Open Positions:
            Candidate Bob Blackwood (first term)
            Candidate Mary Beth Brink (first term)
            Candidate Tim Norris (second term)
           Candidate Wendy Havens (first term)

Currently Serving on the Leadership Council:
SENIOR PASTOR:  Rev. Doug Kallesen
PRESIDENT:  Ted Lange (term expires June 30, 2019)
VICE PRESIDENT:  Kathy Aber (term expires June 30, 2019)
FINANCE OFFICER:  David Wilkosz (term expires June 30, 2019)
SCHOOL BOARD PRESIDENT: Bev Middleton (term expires June 30, 2019)
SENIOR ELDER (non-voting member):  Tom Finger (term expires June 30, 2019)
TWO MEMBERS AT-LARGE (Odd Years):  Maggie Bowles & Stephanie Landis (term expires June 30, 2019)
TWO MEMBERS AT-LARGE (Even Years): Tim Norris (term ending now, candidate for second term), Gregg Yawman (term ending now)

  • The following Trinity members have been nominated to serve a two-year term as Elder (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2020):  Leo Nagy, and Cal Wacker
  • Currently serving Elders nominated for a second two-year term (July 1, 2018-June 30, 2020): Ken Boggs, Jim Curtis, Lo Phillips, Rusty Stephens, Rocky Smothers, Bob Trapp
Currently Serving Continuing Terms
Currently serving Elders (two-year term which expires June 30, 2019): Tom Finger (Sr. Elder), Don Behrmann, Clay Bourgeois, Mark Brink, Chris Gerou, Mike Kunze, Brendan O'Brien, Tony Ramiz, Gary Schumacher

Completing Service
Currently serving Elders completing their service (term limited out June 30, 2018): Ulysses Floyd

Welcome to the Trinity family, PEACE!
We're pleased to announce that we now know the name of Trinity's Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dog: Peace!  Hebrews 12:14 "Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord."  You can keep up to date with Peace's ministry in our community by following her Facebook page:  Peace Comfort Dog  Share with us in heartfelt praise and thanks to God for blessing us with this amazing opportunity to share the love of Christ in our community through this Comfort Dog ministry!

Celebrate with Trinity on June 30 or July 1 for Peace's official welcome into the Trinity family at the Passing of the Vest ceremonies! After each Sunday service Trinity will host a reception where everyone will have an opportunity to meet and greet Trinity's comfort dog in person as well as members of the Comfort Dog Ministry Team, and many friends and supporters of this ministry. Trinity Downtown is blessed to become a part of this amazing ministry which reaches out into the community sharing the mercy, compassion, presence, and proclamation of Jesus Christ! This invitation is open to all! Please share with others! To learn more about how you can support this outreach initiative, please visit

OWLS Fellowship
Let's meet for lunch this month on Friday, June 29th at Brick and Fire located at 1621 S. Orange Ave., Orlando, FL. Please call the Gordons at 407-897-1418 or e-mail to confirm if you will be able to attend. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Adoption & Foster Care
Have you ever thought about adoption?  If it's something that's even crossed your mind, we'd love to invite you to an information session!  We'll give you the things you need to make an informed, prayerful decision.  Join us for an adoption information session on Tuesday, July 10, at 6:30.  We'll be meeting in the second loggia room, and light refreshments will be served.  The first 45 minutes, we will provide information about adoption options, what a home study is, what the process looks like, how long it takes, how much it costs, how to fund your adoption, and more.  Then we will spend the rest of the time answering any questions you might have!  If you - or anyone you know - might be interested, we'd love to see you there!  Questions?  Contact Kelley Lane at

Summer Sunday School Passport Adventures
Check the Narthex (lobby area of Sanctuary) for your child's Summer Sunday School Passport Adventure where each weekend, you can pick up your booklet, complete the learning activity during worship, and receive a stamp at the end of the service from the ushers in the narthex.  Children can earn prizes for their stamps which will be awarded at the Fall "Rally Day Sunday" after the 2018-2019 school year begins (date TBA). These passport booklets will hopefully encourage our families to worship together while giving the children something to do to help focus their attention on the worship service. If your family visits another church on vacation, please bring in the church bulletin and your child will receive a stamp for that Sunday.

Box Tops
Please remember to cut those box tops and bring them to church during the summer months. We would love to get a jump start for the 2018/2019 school year!

Urgent Prayer Requests
If you have an urgent prayer request that can't wait until you fill out a yellow prayer card during worship, please submit it via email to .  While submitting a yellow card during worship is still the preferred way to share prayer requests, sometimes a prayer need can't wait until Sunday.  Your prayer request (first name and basic details of the prayer requested) will be shared with a team of committed weekday prayer warriors and will also be added to Trinity's regular printed prayer list for the congregation.  All prayers are kept on the printed list for a period of three weeks, so please resubmit long term prayer needs regularly so that they stay on the printed list. Thank you.
Important Dates

June 25 (Monday) Voters Assembly Meeting 6:30 Sanctuary
June 30 & July 1 Comfort Dog Passing of the Vest Ceremony at all worship services
July 8 Welcoming New Members
August 11-12 TLS (CDC and K-8) Back to School Open Houses
August 13  Back to School
Attendance and Giving:  June 17

Bible Study
Adults 14

6pm 35
8am 63
930 78
11am 88
Total in Worship 264

Last week C & M  Actual Recd: 34,234 Budgeted: 14,250 Over/(Short): 19,984
YTD C&M   Actual Recd: 778,770 Budgeted: 762,250 Over/(Short): 16,520
Bridge To The Future Received: 30  YTD: 39,240
Faith Factor Received: 1,160 YTD: 27,735
Trinity Resurrection Received: 0 YTD: 17,422
Faithfully Forward Received: 615 YTD: 20,797
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