Troop Management FAQs

How do I view information about my troop(s)?


You must be a registered and active (01) Leader for the current membership year to view troop information. To gain access:

  1. Activate your online account, login and select Troop Management
  2. If you are a leader of more than one troop, select the troop that you want to access from the My Troops drop-down menu
  3. Once you select a troop, you will be able to view the troop's meeting information and an up-to-date list of girl and adult members
  4. Click on a member's name to view their contact and/or guardian information.

As the Troop Leader, what can I do from Troop Management?

  • E-mail troop
  • Print a roster of troop
  • Update troop meeting Information
  • Update member information
  • Print a member's membership card
 I do not have access to Troop Management, but have self-reported as a Troop Leader (01).


All self-reported positions are pending until GHSPA's approval.

I have been approved as a Troop Leader, why can't I view troop management? 


In many cases, troops list more than one leader for their troop. Troop Management requires only one person to hold the Troop Leader position and they must be a current member in the database. The person holding the 01- Leader position will be reflected in the Troop Management area on the homepage. Please contact the Help Desk at to find out if more than one person is listed as the 01 - Leader.

How do I add a member to my troop that is already registered for the current year?


If a member is currently registered to another troop, you need to contact the Registration Department at to request a transfer.

Why are some members missing from my roster?
  • The member has not renewed their membership.
  • Paper forms have been submitted to the council office and have not been processed yet.
  • The member may have been registered to another troop and needs to be transferred to your troop (members that renew their membership online are re-registered to their current troop). DO NOT select ADD GIRL/ADULT to add members to your troop. This creates a duplicate record in the data base. Contact the Registrar at to request a transfer.
Why do adults have the position "14 - Adult Member"?

This is a default position assigned to an adult when they become a member. All other positions will have a "Pending" status until they are approved by council staff.

How would I update a member's name, employer, grade or school?


Leaders need to send the following information to GSHPA to update a member's record. You can e-mail your change request to the Registration Department at  with the updated information and include the full name, address, contact information and troop affiliation.

How do I re-register my troop online?




 Click here to watch the user demo. 


If however, a troop decides to renew memberships online, they are required to:

  • Collect completed and signed membership registration forms for each member. These need to be sent to the GSHPA's offices with an Order Summary print out within 2 weeks of online registration
  • Black out any credit card information on the forms after entry
  • Complete the renewals by 11:59 p.m. on September 29 of the current year. On September 30, all non-renewed members will drop off your troop roster and will have to be registered by their parents!

1. Log-in to your account  


2. Click Troop Management on the left navigation menu. On the Troop Management page, select the members that you would like to renew by checking the box next to their name(s). Select Renew from the action drop-down menu 


3. Update troop members' information on the next screen; you will see a list of all members to be renewed. Starting with the first member, click the Add link (in red) or Edit link (in green) on their order line. On the next screen, verify and update all information (fields in bold with asterisks are required). Click Save when finished with each. If you would like to request a position code for adult members, please choose the appropriate position from the drop-down menu. These requests are reviewed by staff regularly and approval is based upon whether the person has completed the appropriate volunteer application process. When/if approved, they will appear on your troop roster with the approved position code. If not approved, they will maintain '14 - Adult Member'. You will need to repeat Step 3 for each member you are renewing  


4. If there is a donation - From the Support Girl Scouting section under each troop member's order line, choose the amount of their Family Partnership contribution, then click the Donate button next to it. The amount should be added as an additional line under the membership order line.


5. Enter payment information where indicated. When complete, click Process Payment and you will receive a confirmation for your order. This is your only opportunity to print a receipt for your records!


If parents choose to pay for their girl's membership renewal with Visa/MC, these transactions must be processed separately from registrations that will be paid for with a troop debit Visa/MC. After processing, please black out the parent's credit card information completely!

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