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December 2011

At Reed Transport we stride for complete customer satisfaction. To keep in line with that goal, we wanted to update you on the big changes that have been happening here and in the trucking industry!

Wishing you happiness this holiday season and throughout the upcoming new year!

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Diesel Fuel Update


Diesel fuel should hold pretty close to $3.85 per gallon for 2012, according to the Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration.

In its Short-term Energy Outlook released yesterday, the EIA says that while it expects refiners' crude acquisition costs (RAC) for crude oil to increase slightly from current prices to about $102 per barrel in 2012, diesel prices should remain steady at slightly lower than we're currently paying.

Historically, diesel averaged $2.99 per gallon in 2010, and $2.46 in 2009.

New TCP National Survey: Carrier View 2012 showing Opportunities for Volumes and Rates


The Transport Capital Partners 4th Quarter 2011 Business Expectations Survey found carriers optimistic for the year ahead with 61% of carriers expecting volumes to increase in 2012, and only 7% expecting volumes to decrease.


Both large and small carriers responded similarly. According to Richard Mikes, TCP Partner and survey leader, "Carriers shared a higher level of confidence despite the roller coaster ride reflected in stock market over the last quarter."

"Freight rates in the spot market are generally upward according to many sources as capacity remains flat and volumes are pushing upward in the industry," notes Lana Batts, TCP Partner.


Read the full story here.

Rule bars handheld cell phone while driving Jan. 1

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has released a final rule that will allow commercial drivers to continue hands-free cell phone use, but will bar operating handheld cell phones while driving.


The new rule still will permit truck and bus drivers to use handheld cells after they have moved their vehicles to the side of or off of a highway or have stopped where the vehicle can safely remain stationary.


Violators will face a maximum civil penalty of $2,750 for each offense. CDL holders will be disqualified from operating a commercial motor vehicle for multiple offenses and states will suspend CDLs after two or more serious traffic violations.


Truck and bus companies that allow drivers to use hand-held cell phones while driving will face a maximum penalty of $11,000. 


Read the full story here.

Kristina Pein

Senior Marketing Specialist