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June 21, 2013
 Company News
Linda and Katelyn


 Katelyn Stark Joins Linda Langton


 Katelyn Stark is the newest member of Langtons

 International Agency and the Book Marketing

 International team. She joins the company as  Executive Assistant. Katelyn graduated in 2012 with  honors from Appalachian State University with an  English degree in literature studies. She previously  worked as a marketing director in North Carolina  before making the move to New York City.


 Katelyn's expertise in literature and marketing will  add terrific value to the company, and we are  delighted to welcome her on board!

Spotlight On Our Authors 

Three Book Releases This Month! 


Langtons International Agency had two published books which came out this month, and Book Marketing International has an exciting self-published book being released next week!

Fear of Our Father


Happy Birthday, Fear of Our Father!


Fear of Our Father (Berkley, June 4, 2013), by Lisa Bonnice and Stacey M. Kananen, is a true crime story of abuse, murder and family ties. Even after a childhood of abuse and fear, Stacey M. Kananen was shocked when her brother, Rickie, admitted his guilt to the cold-blooded murder of their terrifying father, and years later, their helpless mother. But the greatest shock was to come...when he claimed that Stacey had helped him! Fear of Our Father can be purchased here.


My Isl@m by Amir Ahmad Nasr Gaining Great Reviews!


My Isl@m (St. Martin's Press, June 11, 2013), agented by Langtons International Agency, was released last week and continues to receive rave reviews! 

Emily Hauser from The Dallas Morning News, June 17, "Nasr's ability to provide a clear, nuanced view of a rich and complex world, coupled with his willingness to unflinchingly expose his own halting path, make My Isl@m an absorbing read, one that should appeal not only to readers seeking to better understand Islam's depths, but also anyone who's struggled with the titanic clash of cultures that living in a hyperconnected world can bring - which is to say, a great many people, indeed."  Full Article

CSMonitor calls My Isl@m One of The Ten Best Books of June! Full Article

 A must see video on Amir and his book can be seen here. Congratulations, Amir!


Blast of Silence by Allen Baron Self-Published by Book Marketing International 


Self-published through Book Marketing International, Blast of Silence by Allen Baron will be available next week on! 

Blast of Silence debuted as a film noir in 1961 and was Allen's introduction into directing and acting. The Chicago Tribune called it a "Classic film noir...this mint 35mm print showing is a must-see." San Francisco Sunday Examiner & Chronicle said, "So begins one of the darkest portraits of the human soul ever put on film." After his debut success into the film industry, Allen went on to direct over 200 television shows, including Charlie's Angels and Dukes of Hazard

His book, Blast of Silence, is the biographical account of his journey through life and the incredible ups-and-downs along the way. 

 Thank you, Allen, for your testimonial:  "I can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you've done in preparing my book for publication. I'm thoroughly pleased with the care and dedication and creative thought that you and your staff have obviously applied to completing the task...You are a blessing to anyone who is lucky enough to employ your services." ......And you have been a pleasure to work with, Allen.

Blast of Silence
How to Market Your Book--Start Now!

In the ever changing world of commercial publishing and self-publishing, it is more important than ever for authors to be the driving marketing force behind their book, even before it is available to the public. Here are some ways authors can take action.

  1. Build a Web Presence. This can include an author website, an up-to-date blog, and active profiles on Twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook.
  2. Create a Mailing List. This is a great way to get well-timed messages out to your interested audience. The more they are in the know, the more they can share your updates.
  3. Target Your Marketing. Reach out to blogs that share topics that are relatable to your book. Offer to write a guest post or do an interview. The more you are featured, the wider your outreach and audience.
  4. Be Part of a Community. You need to be available to share and collaborate with other authors.
  5. Don't Quit. Marketing is something you will never really finish. If one tactic doesn't work, try another. Just remember: marketing, just like writing, needs to be done everyday. Enjoy the process!
Industry News 

Apple Charged As Ringleader in e-Book Price Fixing Trial 

The Government brought Apple's Senior VP Eddy Cue to the stand this week in an effort to portray his actions with the Big Six Publishers as a conspiracy to move pricing for e-books to the agency model. More Information


Robert Kennedy Publishing Declares Bankruptcy

Just over a year after Robert Kennedy's death, wife Tosca Reno announced RKP has shut down on June 7th. She quotes, "The company had struggled tremendously in his absence unable to shoulder the burdens left behind." More Information

Penguin Unveiled New Program To Increase Discoverability of Books 
Called "First to Read," members of this new program will have access to excerpts of Penguin's upcoming books. Penguin will be using Facebook as a way of communication between members to help find new titles and request e-galleys. Membership is free. More Information
 Upcoming Events 
Storytelling Workshop, Saturday, June 21st at 10:00am at Cap 21, New York, NY
Learn exercises that help identify and refine a story. Stories will be shared with feedback given from other attendees and instructor, Kevin Allison. More Information

Buzz Aldrin Book Signing, Monday, June 24 at 7:00pm at Book Revue on New York Avenue in Huntington, NJ 

Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, will be signing copies of his book, Mission to Mars. More Information

Happy Birthday, George Orwell! June 25, 1903

Great American novelist, George Orwell, author of 1984 (Signet Classic,1950) and Animal Farm (Signet Classic,1946) would have celebrated his 110th birthday on Tuesday, June 25th! 

Thank You for Reading!

 Linda Langton, President.
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