XPANDO PRO .FBX for any Animation Project.
Take a look at the new XPANDO PRO .FBX V.R. Mocap Gallery by Makeamo.
XPANDO PRO saves you Time & Money.
.FBX is a huge time and money saver in your animation production pipeline, XPANDO PRO.FBX files are high quality and ready for use in your favorite game engine. We pre eliminate nasty namespaces for you and provide a t-pose on the first take, saving you immense time and frustration.

Makeamo creates compatible .FBX files for Game and Animation developers immediate use in the following programs: IClone Xchange, Ikinema, Unity3D Mecanim, Unreal Engine, Autodesk MotionBuilder, Maya, 3DSMAX, Mixamo, iPiSoft, Adobe Fuse, and many more...
XPANDO PRO BIG HUGE long motions for Animation productions of any size. 
We have pre rendered some XPANDO PRO  .FBX on character models for your viewing pleasure, Check out some of the Mocap in Action on MIXAMO characters.
ProBones 10,000+ Complete Pak includes everything!
ProBones 10,000+ Complete Pak

10,000+ professionally created high quality FBX & BVH motions. Includes T.O.M.B.+ MonsterBones, Zoo and Avatars.

Works in Poser, Iclone, Daz3D, iPiSoft, Unreal, Unity3D, 3DS Max, MotionBuilder, MAYA, Blender, Lightwave, iPiSoft, Mixamo and more.

Also Includes Awesome Bonus Materials, Tutorials and Instant Download. $495 USD.

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Affordable All Access Subscription.
A Monthly Subscription Gives you...
All Access to Truebones Only $29.95. a month. 

Gain Instant & All Access to the worlds largest FBX & BVH mocap animation database.  

1,000 FBX and BVH per month. Works in Poser, Iclone Xchange, Daz3D, iPiSoft, Unreal, Unity3D, 3DS Max, MotionBuilder, MAYA, Blender, Lightwave and more.

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Ikinema Animation Software Demo.
Ikinema WebAnimate Pro.

Are you an animator without Motionbuilder? Ikinema is a Killer Animation App.

No plotting of properties and no characterization. Automatic re-targeting, World Class IK Solver.

On SALE now for only $129.95 USD includes a complete library of "Royalty Free" animations and avatars. Only from Truebones.

Experience the POWER of IKINEMA On your desktop with no subscription.
IKinema WebAnimate Pro is...

A Re-targeting and mocap cleaning tool for individuals and indie studios  No monthly subscriptions, just a one-time payment.

IKinema WebAnimate Pro is an off-line tool that can be used for animation tasks such as: re targeting of .FBX and .BVH data to avatars, porting animation from one avatar to another, automatically cleaning noisy mocap data, modification and customization of motion capture data to fit new avatars, joining one or more animation clips to create new assets, key-frame and animation of human and fantasy creatures, transfer of 3D animation to 2D avatars; pre visualization of BVH and FBX data. All this and much, much more is possible with WebAnimate Pro from Truebones.
25 Royalty Free .FBX Avatars included.
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