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It didn't take long. In less than four months since being elected president, serious talks of a presidential impeachment began to bubble up last week. Luckily for Donald Trump, both the House and Senate are in Republican hands, but if events continue to unfold the way they have been, this fact may matter less and less.

I won't go into all the details as most of the issues have been front and centre in the media. However, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the stock markets. The U.S. markets had their longest one-day loss in eight months. This, of course, led to international markets falling in tandem with them. As expected, gold had a great week, given investors' propensities to seek it during times of turbulence. Since then, markets have mostly rebounded to previous levels, however, it still feels as though investors are on guard for any new issues that could arise.

Moving forward, it would be prudent to expect the unexpected from this presidency, as  I don't think anyone really has an idea of where the chips will fall. Should the stock market's volatility increase, we will be ready to rebalance portfolios more often than usual. Should something monumental happen, we would even consider changing the asset allocation of our models to take full advantage of any opportunities that may arise, as we did when oil first fell over 60% a couple of years ago. 


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In celebration of Star Wars turning 40 years old, I thought it'd be fun to cast our gaze outer space to galaxies far, far away...Here are some pretty cool images of Jupiter from Nasa's Juno probe released today.

Matthew Lekushoff

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