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Hi, I'm Jonathan Brooks, the principal of First Probate. First Probate provides short term loans to fiduciaries - executors, administrators, trustees, conservators and guardians - who borrow on behalf of trusts and estates.  First Probate specializes in resolving challenging and difficult title problems associated with trusts and estates.    I have provided these services to the probate community for more than 20 years.


First Probate is happy to provide you with a complimentary property profile, recorded lien and last vesting deed, upon request (Send us an email).  


If you have any comments, simply hit REPLY and let me know.  If you have some information that you would like to communicate to the probate community, forward it to me for consideration. Lastly, if I haven't convinced you that my newsletter is worthwhile, just press "SafeUnsubscribe" below.


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Last year First Probate Loans introduced a new loan product to provide liquidity to upgrade, fix, enhance and/or clean up homes, to allow the family to obtain the best sale value. Visit our website for more information

These loans can be first trust deeds or in junior position (2nd, 3rd, or even 4th position) and be used for all loan purposes to benefit an estate. The terms of the loan can be tailored to the specific estate's needs. For example, if the estate can make payments, a simple amortizing or partially amortizing loan may be the best value. Or, should the trust or estate be unable to make payments a straight note may be the best option. A straight note has no payments; and, all principal and interest payments are due at the maturity date of the promissory note. Loan terms are usually 12-24 months; interest rates vary depending on location, lien position, loan to value, and the ability to make payments.
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ADDITIONAL Resource Guide for Fiduciaries and their Attorneys considering Non Pro-Rata Distributions to Avoid the Property Tax Reassessment Event
Earlier this year I published a Quick Resource Guide for Fiduciaries and their Attorneys including Practical Tips for Non Pro-Rata Distributions to Avoid the Property Tax Reassessment Event Visit our website for more information
An additional resource is Matthew Burke. He was Senior Tax Counsel with the California State Board of Equalization, where he advised taxpayers, their representatives, county assessor staff and the Board on the property tax consequences of various transactions, and prepared formal advisory opinion letters, many of which became published guidance. His principal area of expertise is Proposition 13 change in ownership, with a particular emphasis on legal entity transactions, transfers via trust, parent-child and grandparent-grandchild transfers, and complex lease transactions. A significant portion of Mr. Burke's practice involves advising families on the complex Prop 13 rules related to succession planning so that the benefits of Prop 13 may be realized by future generations. His practice consists of controversy work, both at the administrative level and with appeals of administrative rulings in the courts; transaction planning to avoid or minimize negative property tax consequences; and compliance work in reporting Proposition 13 changes in ownership to county assessors and the California State Board of Equalization. Please call Mr. Burke directly at (310) 882-1134 or by email: 

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