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Hi, I'm Jonathan Brooks, the principal of First Probate. First Probate provides short term loans to fiduciaries - executors, administrators, trustees, conservators and guardians - who borrow on behalf of trusts and estates.  First Probate specializes in resolving challenging and difficult title problems associated with trusts and estates.    I have provided these services to the probate community for more than 20 years.


First Probate is happy to provide you with a complimentary property profile, recorded lien and last vesting deed, upon request (Send us an email).  


If you have any comments, simply hit REPLY and let me know.  If you have some information that you would like to communicate to the probate community, forward it to me for consideration. Lastly, if I haven't convinced you that my newsletter is worthwhile, just press "SafeUnsubscribe" below.


Here's hoping we continue to stay in touch and that we may be of service to you!


Very truly yours,

Jonathan Brooks  



Quick Resource Guide for Fiduciaries and their Attorneys including Practical Tips for Non Pro-Rata Distributions to Avoid the
Property Tax Reassessment Event
In my business of arranging loans to trusts and estates, I work directly with fiduciaries and their attorneys. As this is the first newsletter for 2017, and as I embark on my 27th year working and serving the probate and trust community, I thought I would put together a short resource guide to help you quickly find what you're looking for:
  • To find out what is necessary to obtain a probate loan, go here 
  • To find out what is necessary to obtain a trust loan, go here
  • To learn more about funding Non Pro-Rata Distributions to Avoid the Property Tax Reassessment Event, go here 
  • To learn more about Paying Off Reverse Mortgages, go here
  • To learn more about Loans to Upgrade Trust and Estate Real Property Prior to Sale, go here

 Professional Fiduciary
Association of California 
The Professional Fiduciary Association of California ("PFAC") continues to rapidly grow and the 2017 PFAC Annual Conference is an effective tool for Attorneys to market to the ever-growing PFAC community; a vibrant, savvy group of professionals looking for other professionals to assist them in managing estates.

I am proud to again participate as a Bronze Sponsor of the PFAC 2017 Annual Conference in Burlingame, California May 31-June 3, 2017 and to act again as the Chair, PFAC 2017 Annual Conference Marketing Committee.  
To receive 2017 PFAC Conference news via email, click here.

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