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Sophie Havighurst (second from left in the photo), co-founder of Tuning in to Kids and Psychologist at The Mindful Centre, Melbourne University will be in Sherborne, Dorset August 21 st and 22 nd running a two day Tuning in to Teens Workshop.

Tuning in to Teens TM  parenting groups are run exclusively by professionals who have completed the Tuning in to Teens TM  professional training and are certified as Tuning in to Teens TM  Facilitators. The training is suitable for anyone who works with parents in a professional capacity; particularly in the family and community sector, the health and mental health sector, and the education sector.
Trainees who successfully complete the workshop will be certified to offer the Tuning in to Teens TM parenting groups.

Tuning in to Teens TM  professional training workshops are also a great way to upskill to the Emotion Coaching approach to interpersonal relationships, to assist in dealing with existing clients and stakeholders, and even family and friends.

Join us for a Networking Evening Meal and Day together immediately after the Tuning in to Teens training on the evening of 22nd August and day time on 23rd August

Did you know that we have Tuning in to Teens Parenting Manuals for sale at £145 each through EHCAP?

Have a listen to Sophie in a TV interview video link below!